AmpliTube 2 for iPad and iRig – Record a Full Song on Your iPad

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  1. Stackbarrel says:

    @Stackbarrel just figured it out. Obviously, you must process each track in order to continue to the next. Sadly, I can’t tweak the sound afterwards, or can I? Am I doing this right?

  2. Stackbarrel says:

    IK guys, pls create a walkthrough video for the latest Amplitube for iPad. bought the iPad one with the whole 8-track recording studio. The latter is causing me a lot of problems since I can’t figure out how to lay down multiple guitar tracks with different setups. Each time I change the amp, the new setting applies to other tracks. I really don’t get it, and I don’t consider myself a noob. It just does not make sense. Pls help, I need to record a lot of demo stuff :) thx

  3. ikmultimedia says:


  4. Nishit Gajjar says:

    the low latency audio problem is prevailing yet in Android 4.3 Icecream Sandwich and higher version than it?

  5. ikmultimedia says:

    While many of our accessories will work on most devices, we’re waiting for the Android OS low-latency audio issues to be resolved, since it cannot support low-latency audio to create music apps like AmpliTube at this time.

  6. Nishit Gajjar says:

    Any Android version available in the market?

  7. Jackraps4u says:

    thank you very much! :) will be getting the irig PRE very soon!

  8. ikmultimedia says:

    You could do this with the Recorder which is available via in-app purchase.

  9. wajang1000 says:

    I would like to be able to just import a backing track and record a solo over it and then export the mixed version. Is this possible with amplitube

  10. wajang1000 says:

    A lot of people don’t read the instructions that come with the irig which says to use a 1/8 stereo jack out to two mono 1/4 jacks if using monitors or amp, and to disable the feedback switch depending on whether you use headphones or not. I know, because I was one of those people.

  11. ikmultimedia says:

    iRig MIC is a handheld condenser made for mobile devices, and SM58 is a standard dynamic vocal mic so they are definitely different.  iRig MIC has sensitivity settings and a direct connection to your devices, but you can also connect an SM58 to your device using iRig PRE so you do have options with what we offer.

  12. Jackraps4u says:

    whats the comparison of voice quality between this and an sm58?

  13. ikmultimedia says:

    Yes, you can use iRig MIC for that if you want a great handheld iOS mic

  14. Jackraps4u says:

    can this app record vocals?

  15. ikmultimedia says:

    There’s a FAQ on our web site with helpful tips, you can also visit our official forum and there’s always Tech Support willing to give tips and help. I hope that helps out!

  16. VildStyle says:

    I get soooo much feedback with my iRig, and recording can sound like shit. I have to have it in the perfect position for it to actually work without buzzing, and even then it can be difficult to get a clean recording. Do I need to buy a new one?

  17. ikmultimedia says:

    You could use the available recorder in AmpliTube and pick up the VocaLive FX in-app in AmpliTube. We will also have audio copy/paste in VocaLive’s upcoming update if you choose to use the two apps separately (you can find more information on the full VocaLive app in other videos and on our site) but that’s not out yet.

  18. FictionIreland says:

    Hey! Thanks for the video, helped me a lot. Was just wondering if there is a companion app that lets you record vocals and aadd them to the demo your doing with amplitude. Would appreciate a comment back, cheers :)

  19. Roberto Nascente - NoWhereMan NoWhereMan says:

    Please, does Amplitube iRig works in Tablet Foston FS-M73T ?

  20. ikmultimedia says:

    Contacting technical support about problems like this will be a much more constructive solution to your issue and any throwing.

  21. ikmultimedia says:

    It may, there could be many factors but this sounds like either USB bus noise or due to noise from a power source. If you have a mixer you may want to see if putting that between the output and the computer helps at all too. For technical support, you can visit our site and they will help you one-on-one

  22. Marcellius Tiongco says:

    My setup: Guitar > iRig > iPad > iRig Headphone Jack > Onboard sound on Motherboard. I also tried an older sound card I had, but I still got a high pitched noise. Would an audio interface made for recording help kill the noise?

  23. ikmultimedia says:

    Sounds like you are trying to send output from the iRig straight into your computer? Or the headphone out? If you are attached to anything via USB (to power your device, for example) you are probably hearing USB bus noise. If this isn’t the issue you’d really need to discuss this with support. You can also export recordings from AmpliTube and then open them or import them on your PC as well.

  24. Marcellius Tiongco says:

    What’s the best way to kill the high pitched mic sound when recording straight to a PC? Im running it into Windows 7 Pro, and I’m wanting to use the amp settings for my guitars/bass but I get this high pitched noise when I increase the gain/volume on the ap.

  25. ikmultimedia says:

    We will be shipping iRig PRE soon which will allow you to.

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