AT&T HTC Surround WP7 phone – Windows Phone 7 software walkthrough

24 Comments on "AT&T HTC Surround WP7 phone – Windows Phone 7 software walkthrough"

  1. Ali Inam says:

    i have this fone

  2. TheCosmonot1 says:

    That screen is so sharp

  3. durandicslcu49UG says:

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  4. Jatarious sands says:

    I have this phone loving it so far just to think wouldn’t even have given it an chance it it weren’t free.

  5. Aelitalover94 says:

    @dirtydevil199. NOOO! I had the Samsung Focus for three months and ive had the HTC for a couple days… the HTC lags sooo much its not even funny. If theres no wifi you cant go on the internet or listen to the radio. you need a zune pass to download most songs -__-

  6. Ticomfreak says:

    OF COURSE YOU DO! as of ANY phone. I think you may want a wifi tablet.

  7. sydkid765 says:

    is it really 1 cent on amazon? or is my cp screwed up?

  8. dirtydevil199 says:

    is the phone worth buying

  9. flash814 says:

    i really like
    tht phone cant wait tuh get it april 5

  10. flash814 says:

    i really likr tht phone cant wait tuh getcit april 5

  11. Freddongg says:

    you my friend do the best phone reviews – thanks

  12. SmartAps89 says:

    Top Free Games for WP7: Rotate and Roll

    Easy to Play – Difficult to Master – Impossible to Put down

    Your objective in this fun physics game is to rotate your way through 20 challenging levels. To complete a level, roll your ball guy to the raindrop. Pay attention, as some levels require you to first collect a star in order to activate the exit point. Use the finger on the screen and move it in the desired direction

    to rotate the level around. Have fun!

  13. reversephonedirector says:

    Right on! Who would be without one though.

  14. reversephonedirector says:

    Right on! Who would be without one though.

  15. Kevin Huang says:

    Do you HAVE to pay monthly fees?

  16. pyro7407 says:

    i belive you can select not to add facebook friends into your contacts, you can also choose to select certain people from facebook to your contacts.

  17. nrusso131 says:

    I have 1000 friends on facebook, is there any way to customize which people from facebook the phone imports and updates?

  18. MsMicrosoftGuy says:

    definetly the surround the x10 doesnt have multitouch its using outdated android software and from some reviews i hear its slow and that the ui sony put over it is crap

  19. wrtun says:

    Is HTC Surround better or Sony Ericsson Xperia X10? I am deciding to buy one of these phone, but I like both.
    Thanks for the help

  20. MovieMakerZT says:

    I really like the LG Quantum, but this phone is beginning to poke into my interests even more. Are the back/search buttons and the keyboard keys on the Quantum illuminated like the front buttons on the Surround? Thanks.

  21. moner02 says:

    good work dude! nice walkthrough

  22. agent9149 says:

    yeah you can thats the beauty of can make your homescreen what you want it to be

  23. Spindadaleak says:

    those blue squares look awful can you change that

  24. dallasstreets says:

    I’m selling my iPhone 4 for this thing. FUCK YA

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