Battlefield 3 In Depth – Pistol Guide (Quality issues because YouTube is updating something)

25 Comments on "Battlefield 3 In Depth – Pistol Guide (Quality issues because YouTube is updating something)"

  1. cotxe11 says:

    So it’s been almost a year and still you haven’t reuploaded lol

  2. ThatUptownKid1 says:

    yeah, I think they got lazy and just made 2 revolver pistols

  3. mothack54 says:

    more bullet drop so lower accuracy

  4. mothack54 says:

    more bullet drop so lower accuracy

  5. mothack54 says:

    more bullet drop so lower accuracy

  6. fraychiken says:

    Does it Changes when you put a Silencer?

  7. RockPolishMC says:

    Read the annotation idiot…

  8. googlejse says:

    This video was recorded with a Potatoe

  9. ThaMADDonutz says:

    Me too. It’s my favorite pistol

  10. dennistbowling says:

    same stats, different sights

  11. Jako3334074 says:

    when you say a gun is inaccurate, do you mean when it is fired full auto/bursts or single shots?

  12. Jako3334074 says:

    actually the mag for 1911 is 8+1

  13. ThatFrozenStudio says:

    No scoped 44

  14. iTzGavin96 says:

    i know its been my pistol of choice since bad company and it always has been. its a little powerhouse. i also like the rex for desperate 3foot sprays and its not bad at all for distance pistol kills. depends what im in the mood for useing though

  15. MAR00NPHOENIX says:

    I have multiple service stars with each handgun and the M1911 gets the job done every time it gets me more headshots and more kills at a further range it’s reliability is unsurpassed.

  16. iTzGavin96 says:

    100% agreed. post patch of sep 6th. toned up the m1911 its always a 3 shot for me i love it so much with tac

  17. oO0WeAreLegion0Oo says:

    I just like having a lot of ammo in my pistol to kill more guys, thank you you so much for telling me about suppressed m9. *BROFIST*

  18. MAR00NPHOENIX says:

    I use it for stealth, from my experience the best get the job done pistol is the M1911.

  19. luke viscardi says:

    I wish Dice put the Desert Eagle in this game…

  20. oO0WeAreLegion0Oo says:

    I love the m9 suppressed, it is simple but gets the job done.

  21. datbass1234 says:

    This was before the patch

  22. MAR00NPHOENIX says:

    mp412 rex
    m9 suppressed
    best pistols in game

  23. MAR00NPHOENIX says:

    Learn to aim and that won’t be a problem.

  24. LittleHooty19 says:

    Is Drift0r the swiftor of battlefield?! 0.o

  25. klaykill says:

    When push comes to shove you have no option but to either fight with your pistol or get shot in the arse.

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