Best Nokia Smartphone:Nokia Lumia 800 vs Nokia N9

24 Comments on "Best Nokia Smartphone:Nokia Lumia 800 vs Nokia N9"

  1. Abdul Alyamani says:


  2. kevschatti15 says:

    0:50 hahhahaha lumia 8000

  3. JLIT99 says:

    Try the Nokia N9 with Android from NITDROID..

  4. lizardskingdupi says:

    have you tried the bluetooth of the lumia 800??

  5. GameGenerationZ BreakZz says:

    Lol epic faail In The Vid.

  6. james Logan says:

    0:53 lumia 8000 ?

  7. 210292S says:

    this review is really good, i dont know which to get!
    which is better in terms of music player, video player and internet browsing?

  8. Diogo Ponto says:

    I want a Lumia 8000.

  9. ge ju boa says:

    the hand black

  10. bobbysworldrox says:

    @Kimy9107 I was tempted to go with the Nokia n9 but the apps are just not there at this point in time. Crackle,flixster,kik,Xbox smartglass,rowi, just to name a few. Lumia is the way to go if you want a modern n simplistic smartphone

  11. capoeiraberimbau says:

    N9 FTW!!!!

  12. WollyhoodStudios says:

    @hundchen123 No it isn’t.

  13. caledonianish says:

    nokia 5210….beast!

  14. bananaondrugs says:

    you can slide the wallpaper whichever way you wish on the n9;
    the “multitask” on the lumia is more like on iOS – it remembers what you last used and just opens is again;
    N9 music player doesn’t have equaliser…Otherwise great review.

  15. ManongPishbol says:

    the review was so good that im still undecided….

  16. hundchen123 says:

    Galaxy s 3 is the best smartphone!

  17. Bilijar9 says:

    so what? typo!

  18. fartsomann says:

    Point of correction mate, you can run an excess of 18 application on one go, on mine i can do even 30. Otherwise that is a good review. Nokia N9 is the best Nokia smartphone so far.

  19. narekzo says:

    nokia n9 is the best

  20. Bob Gu says:

    Lol he wrote Nokia 8000

  21. jusEtyyli says:

    Meego is not even close to dead OS

  22. edward lee kar wee says:

    the lumia 900 and 800 will not get to update to windows phone 8

  23. vincas20 says:

    Nokia 3310 The best

  24. Admerification says:

    both phones are not racists. While lumia is black, n9 is blue (You know))))

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