Best US Smartphone Carrier – AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile!

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  1. stathopoulosp1 says:

    No, what he means is that if you were with Verizon or AT&T when they were offering unlimited data plans and happened to have gotten a smartphone back then with unlimited data, you are “grandfathered in” so to speak to your unlimited data plan when they stopped offering unlimited data plans. So no, you wouldn’t be able to get an unlimited data plan anymore, especially if you are a new customer or a returning customer just upgrading to a smartphone.

  2. naknak95 says:

    From personal experience, Verizon has had the best coverage overall. Now that Verizon and AT&T no longer offer the unlimited data plans, T Mobile or Sprint would be your choices for data hogs (like me).

  3. William Winans says:

    T-Mobile will have LTE in several weeks

  4. BreanderNatarra says:

    The AT&T GSIII looks like the Verizon version because of the way the 4G LTE signal looks…. weird. o.O

  5. Mike Skinner says:

    Love the videos man what the f*** is a grandfather plan I’ve been with sprint for about 6 years and I guess which to Verizon and I would love to get it

  6. 73junebugg says:

    HSPA+ is way Better then WI-MAX just ask Sprint!

  7. Kevin Arzola says:

    I once got 1GB down on my Droid Bionic no lie lol 4GLTE lol

  8. mmanut says:

    Jay you are wrong, T-Mobile has real unlimited Data without throttling.I get over 20mb down during the day. At night it is

  9. jay33011211 says:

    @HARDLINEatheist, it off all the comments I’ve read you had the most misinformed info. First off sprints data is True unlimited & not capped @ 5 gigs like you said & its not throttled nor $1 per gig after a cap. In reality is tmobile “which your defending, saying they’re unlimited) which is unlimited but throttled at 5 gbs & then your back on edge speeds. Know your facts or visit Wikipedia before saying anything that isn’t true. I use 15 gbs a month in on sprint & i don’t get charged over $90..

  10. Kenneth cox says:

    im on verizon. what is 3g? :p i swear i never see it anywhere anymore always on LTE

  11. Zane Gersley says:

    How mutch is the grandfother plan

  12. Josue Chavez says:

    What idiot uses data when they’re at home where there’s wifi. The only excuses i see for using your data is when your power goes out. He makes more unequal comparisons than the girl refusing to believe that you 70 miles in a hour when you go 70 MPH. This video sucks and the person speaking doesn’t know jack and has an annoying ass voice.

  13. michael cooper says:

    I have verizon s3 4g lte

  14. biggiebigs13 says:

    AT&T 4g lte is way better than sprint in Los angles I get speeds up to 35.5 Mbps on a good day but still 110$ a month for an iPhone is outages when you compare to an unlimited prepaid plan for 50$

  15. MegaTetsujin says:


    Get real internet and wifi…. o_o

  16. TheUnknownTokers says:

    How much is the grandfather plan for verizon?

  17. darknessfalls714 says:

    what does the circle next to my carrier ? i have an iphone for tmobile and it goes from 3g to EDGE to O and my 3g is around 0.50-10mbps

  18. 225bottomboi1 says:

    does at&t really pay for every GB used while streaming though music? please respond some one

  19. ELDK2008 says:

    Thanks – good job……

  20. Brandon Smith says:

    Where I live, La Vergne TN I get around 8mbs on Tmobile. Using Galaxy S2. I rarely find their “4G” slow. I dont really have complaints. Other carries prices are higher for what plan I have and what I pay for my phone. So Im not expecting the same speeds to be honest.

  21. TheDougtechcrew says:

    2 different types of 3G EVDO which is capable of 3.1 megabits download and HSPA which has a max of 7.2 megabits.

  22. TheDougtechcrew says:

    HSPA+ is real 4G peak speeds up to 66 megabits and a mobile device has a max of 100 megabits over a cellular network and HSPA+ does not require the power hogging radio that LTE does.

  23. Marsel Koci says:

    Hspa+ goes up to 42mb and it blows WiMax out of the water. Also all you retards bashing at&t, do some research first their LTE is already as good as verizons and is due to surpass verizons by early next year. Plus hspa+ is miles faster than Verizon and sprints dirt slow 3G…

  24. jtapley86 says:

    T-Mobile sucks….

  25. esmrodjr says:

    Jesus Christ how many phones do you have

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