BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 for Verizon

25 Comments on "BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 for Verizon"

  1. sayanami100 says:

    how much would it cost you think?

  2. tattiipr says:

    $39.99 at no c0ntract with verizon

  3. sayanami100 says:

    I want to get this phone, where can I get it and what type of plan would be needed and how much would the plan be?

  4. IcantThinkOfOneSorry says:

    had this it was okay …. recently got a tour but the reason it has the “unusual” hinge design you brought up is so you can rest your index fingers on while you type like most blackberry users do while typing and it actually makes typing a lot better

  5. SamSakola says:

    Well Done on Video and Audio! Keep up the Good Work. Thanks.

  6. thirteenthmassacre says:

    how to put simcarD?

  7. BarberSylvester1811 says:


    Product Description
    BlackBerry Pearl

    Packed with premium features, this BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Smartphone offers powerful communications in a sleek design! The Pearl 8130 operates at dual-band 800/1900 MHz CDMA2000 1X EV-DO networks and features Bluetooth version 2.0 technology and built-in GPS navigation support! Its …
    For more details please copy the Amazon link above in your browser

  8. LordAzanko says:

    anyone considering this phone RUN! it fucking sucks balls worst phone i have ever used

  9. hamnetofjdisa85i says:

    Suprise! Click, and get your iphone4! Time is running out! RQy

  10. RandomWizard2012 says:

    i remember my space… IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!

  11. deanedwin11 says:

    has i got bbm

  12. oliforever99 says:

    This is aladin

  13. Alejandro Vargas says:

    No wifi kinda sucks

  14. leomitz says:

    would i need a data plan for this phone

  15. KingVogue says:

    yes it does

  16. Johnny Honeycutt says:

    i got this phone on us cellular i love it
    i like fill of keys soft easy to text with
    i love light on video cam i use it as flashlight sometime
    it best flip phone

  17. coreyzroman says:


  18. marlena lazarides says:

    yes it does… i have one

  19. ghouliegirrl says:

    can you buy a phone before you get a verizon plan?

  20. LamborghiniBMWftw says:

    Could someone honeslty tell me if this is a good phone?

  21. LamborghiniBMWftw says:

    Does the phone look funny when you’re holding it against your head? Is it a big phone in general? Thanks in advance.

  22. twisterspin24 says:

    sprint is getting the black berry style if u dont know about it check it out

  23. nattielg says:

    why is this not available in any british shops

  24. InsanityWithHumor says:

    does it or does it not have wifi? and is it recomended for internet access or is the t-mobile one better?

  25. xX2sik says:

    be happy for what u got, your lucky you can make money, or your parents buying you what you want. i had to fucking kill my self to get a cell. and im wealthy. but im not spoiled

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