Chilla Frilla – Verizon enV2 Hands-On Review

25 Comments on "Chilla Frilla – Verizon enV2 Hands-On Review"

  1. riley tokraks says:

    this was a SHITTY phone

  2. angellevignm73f says:

    Guarantee 100% iphone!24hours limited! TV1uVF

  3. Erik Kittilstved says:

    I fucking hated this phone

  4. Rachel Medlock says:

    No, this is a verizon phone.

  5. Rachel Medlock says:

    No, this is a verizon phone.

  6. CurleyFries34 says:

    My mommy has that phone. X]

  7. johnsonlashannon says:

    is this phone available in alltel- prepaid?

  8. Dmon1999 says:

    my env2 broke in half now im gettin the octane

  9. MJAngelLove says:

    In my opinion screw the env get the Octaine

  10. MJAngelLove says:

    I used to have this phone til it died. I now have the LG Octaine . Much better than the Envy 2. 2 things that don’t make sence about the Env 2 the small front screen & having 2 space bars.

  11. eminemkid4000 says:

    Hahh 10:00 pm

  12. xclosingtimex says:

    lol i had this, verizon told me i opened it too much because the thing that opens and closes broke. i got the env3 and that always turned off, and now i got a bb curve and its amazing.

  13. EasyMakeupForYou says:

    WAAANT ! <3

  14. raejaybigpapi says:

    This is an AWESOME phone.

  15. raejaybigpapi says:

    No sim. It is a CDMA phone.

  16. raejaybigpapi says:

    This is phone is worth buying. For 2 megapixels the camera is great and the keyboard is nice. I use an enV3 which is good to. My sister had this phone for 2years before she got a Motorola Droid2. She dropped it on gravel driveways, concrete, and also spilled water on it and it still worked. This phone is definently worth the money. If you want a new one, go with the LG Octane. It is an enV4 with a different name.

  17. raerae1101 says:

    my sister had this phone until she dropped it in a pool

  18. kirkpatrick340 says:

    Why would u review this? Were u just looking for something to review and where like look I found a piece of shit and don’t have anything else? Come on now

  19. CapitalGamer says:

    so horrible

  20. CrescentClouds says:

    What a grotesque device. Who could possibly want this useless piece of shit?

  21. thethorn44 says:

    Is the phone worth buying,how’s the camera?

  22. tokayhigh13 says:

    omg i have tht phone and i thought it was cool at first but know i fucking hate it 

  23. joebike45 says:

    does it have a SIM?

  24. 0898sparta says:

    thats not a usb port its just where you plug in the charger nothing else fits

  25. Youngdidgeridoo says:

    Do you pay for your Apple Products or do they give them to you to Asvertise?

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