ClearWire Speed Amp Boost

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  1. Monosyllabicable says:

    you need to get an external antenna with the amp then you will get DL sppeds near 20mbps

  2. TheComputerMaster says:


  3. TheComputerMaster says:

    not really look at my latest video

  4. zeek hernandez says:

    It’s 2012 now, and CLEARWIRE still fuking sucks!!!

  5. jigilowman says:

    you fail is call 5 Watt Amp booster is a freaking device that amplified your signal. :P

  6. shubuflubu says:

    I love that you took 9 minutes to tell us about how you were at the edge of the coverage and you took 0 minutes to tell us how you boosted your reception. This video should be called “I AM AT THE EDGE!!!!”

  7. Lawrence Grimaldi says:

    Hey bro how i can get that 5watts amp

  8. ltjboy03 says:

    I’m at the edge….

    of glory.

  9. ltjboy03 says:

    What’s the weather like while you’re recording this video?Is it cloudy or misty or rainy at all?

  10. chitochavez24 says:

    What equipment do I need to buy to achieve this.??

  11. RosalesMarcus says:


  12. davidseawa says:

    lol, this video is so awesome. I’m gonna have to subscribe to the computermaster for sure. Ran into this by chance

  13. blueflames792 says:

    are you at the edge or the edge i’m confused about your status of the edge???? EDGE=???? lol sorry but ur vid sux. use a camera and show what you are using. how you hooked it up

  14. narcoti says:

    There is no such thing as “5 watts of amperage” and it is “megabits” not “megabytes”

  15. iQillTrocity says:

    How do i do this?

  16. HyperSTAND says:

    how you amp boost

  17. xxHollowStarxx says:

    its at the EDGE of the tower, at the EDGE!!

  18. tularepc says:

    I was wondering if anyone has released how to achieve these speeds.

  19. YoutuJ3eJ3lows says:


  20. tularepc says:

    Any luck on finding out how to do this?

  21. TheComputerMaster says:

    and i was out side of San Antonio madder in fact i wasnt suppose to get 4g at all! in that area … im 24 miles from the city limits!

  22. TheComputerMaster says:

    not here

  23. YoutuJ3eJ3lows says:

    I see the speed has went down since November?

  24. windowsvista113 says:

    Whats an amp? need help making this!

  25. TheElamo1228 says:

    Awesome friend! I really liked this video, All well with Clearwire.
    Take care.

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