[CLOSED see Discription] 100% working bot Runescape [Updated 1 september 2012]

24 Comments on "[CLOSED see Discription] 100% working bot Runescape [Updated 1 september 2012]"

  1. hideorbefound says:

    If anyone is still looking for a RuneScape bot I have uploaded Powerbot:

  2. Li Wong says:

    Fed up of fake ots and viruses? Then online botting is for you.
    check it out at: /watch?v=ngCIrcTWEw0

  3. EpicBotBrotherRS says:

    Well beter download one of the bots out of the other vids from our channel, you can check our latest vid and the first one. let us know something by posting a comment at one of the vids plz.

    They have the newest scripts.

    We are also planning to make a new bot with a separate and totally new sort of getting scripts for it. If you want to know something more about it, just PM me.

  4. noobhaiter says:

    does this work on Mac?

  5. PKR4MBO says:

    If bot needed watch: /watch?v=MfI0ExEgChI&feature=plcp

  6. SyphraScripts says:

    Syphonex Runespan Bot – This is the first free, working Runespan bot for ANY RuneScape botting client (Epicbot, Powerbot, RSBots etc.) since Jagex updated on 11/07/12. Feel free to scan away, and once you’re done, enjoy the script! :D

  7. ThePoptus says:


  8. Mitchell paino says:

    its a bank pin if you have one

  9. Mitchell paino says:

    no its says feb 15, 2012

  10. TheOriginalDpeat says:

    Dude why cant it find MSI :(

  11. TheOriginalDpeat says:

    it said it couldnt find msi when i went to run it

  12. EpicBotBrotherRS says:

    lol it is the 6th of april 2012…
    So i don’t know if you lay beyond the time or have you had a winter sleep? :D

  13. MrSkully99 says:

    has anyone else noticed it says it was updated 2 april 2012, but…. its not april yet?

  14. CypriotCrafters says:

    amazing ty

  15. Tautvydas248 says:

    I think i do everything but then it appears the login screen script don`t do anything pls help.

  16. EpicBotBrotherRS says:

    you don”t need to fill in any pin numbers if you don”t have a bankpin

  17. JesslynnA8 says:

    And also what if you don’t have a bank pin?

  18. JesslynnA8 says:

    Whats is a damn pin):

  19. xlr877 says:

    my question is , why do i have to fill in my username and password.. never heard of a bot that you actually had to

  20. EpicBotBrotherRS says:

    read the reactions..

  21. briant1500 says:

    couldnt find msi !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. iDeadPlanet says:

    why wont my msi run? it says ”Exception in Script: Plugin(libsmart32) has not been found”

  23. meeponater says:


  24. EpicBotBrotherRS says:


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