Diamond Rush Perfect Walkthrough: Tibet or Siberia Stage 9

25 Comments on "Diamond Rush Perfect Walkthrough: Tibet or Siberia Stage 9"

  1. Kanwal Flower says:

    Time 1:20
    i tried my hard but failed to find the way to solve this problem..but now thanks to you.. you are legendary hero..

  2. Darkaar Lopez Rivera says:

    no me jodas..

  3. Nk Pirwani says:

    thanks dude

  4. gracias porsiempre says:

    grazie mille,senza di te nn sarei riuscito a finirlo

  5. NicoGoliv says:

    Obrigado !!

  6. Santa Baron says:

    who is playing this on the mobile phone ?

  7. David Gold says:

    this level pissed me off the most

  8. mahmood kinoo says:

    thx bro!

  9. kiwibella95 says:

    olafthestoutviking I officially re-name you olafthestoutvikinglegend.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Would love to know how many hours it took you to work it out though.

  10. cordobaargentina1573 says:

    muy bueno, y yo me imaginaba como se hacia de los ultimos 3 diamantes…

  11. María Fernanda Vega says:

    that last part was genius, thank you!

  12. Richard Lima says:

    demorei 2 horas pra pasa essa parte ,peguei 66 dimantes vermelho sao 99

  13. TheRohitdutta4 says:

    thank you so much..!!!!

  14. Fred Ooi says:

    wow!! great solution!! thanks!!

  15. Nguyễn Huy Toàn says:

    thank you so much !!!!!!

  16. Dražen Dubak says:


  17. aleramgut says:


  18. Savio Oliveira says:

    obrigado cara

  19. Martyna Kowalska says:

    This is what I was looking, thank you so much :) There were the last 3 diamonds :)

  20. Manshali Pandit says:

    bro , you were awesome but i still can’t clear the stage ( it was a joke …. i know i am bad at cracking jokes ) ;)

  21. BBonaMc says:

    Droga, por que não pensei nisto antes?

  22. koshmaricshe says:

    спасибо! весь день мучаюсь с последним испытанием на этом уровне, не получалось добыть все 3 синих алмаза!

  23. Rafix Rap says:

    Na parte 05:38 vc fez da maneira + complicada…Mas ta valendo!! =D

  24. JoolsTwo says:

    I’ve lost 2000 diamonds trying to get those last 3, easy when you no how :)

  25. MrAngelschneider says:

    you are the best¡¡¡¡¡

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