Do Sprint and Verizon wireless “3g iphone 4″ work on Straight Talk?

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  1. SaraST8 says:

    Hi 3711cat, this is Sara of Straight Talk. Our Bring Your Own Phone program allows you to use any unlocked domestic GSM, AT&T or T-Mobile compatible phones, including iPhone. In addition, the iPhone 5 uses a Nano SIM card which is not yet supported by Straight Talk. However, we are always upgrading and improving our service so it’s possible that we will have the Nano SIM card available for customers in the near future. Email us at if you have questions. Thanks!

  2. 3711cat says:

    Will sprint iPhone 5 on 6.01 work on straight talk

  3. 3711cat says:

    Aim I’d Dallas Texas and Straight Talk do work on Sprint iPhone 4s on Baseband 5.1.1 I know it work because I just unlocked me and my wife phone with a gevey sim 4s it have to be jailbreak.

  4. Charles Shaw says:

    And be sure to get your IPhone JAILBROKEN if its not already that way when you get it. If you dont, MMS PICTURE MESSAGING and DATA wont work. There are plenty videos on here that will show you how to Jailbreak for free. I did mine and im far from a techy haha

  5. Eric Hermosillo says:

    AT&T **

  6. Eric Hermosillo says:

    Sprint is CMDA. You can only use something like the iPhone 4s from Verizon, Sprint , or tm

  7. TheXxneowolfxX says:

    You can use a Sprint/Verizon iphone on Straight Talk, you just have to use a Gevey Ultra S

  8. dame6661 says:

    Have you contacted SaraST8. I would really like to know if the Sprint iPhone works!

  9. 352cisco97 says:

    It will work as long as it has a sim card slot

  10. sean brown says:

    U just had to switch the network over in the setting menu

  11. sean brown says:

    I work at apple and both phone will work verizon or sprint iphone 4s the iphone 4s is a 3G world ready phone that take a micro GSM

  12. escarpa87 says:

    you should get H2O you don’t really need to have your iphone unlock to make it work with them and you can get the $40, $50 or $60 plan without contract

  13. fernanmamao says:

    This is a video proof that you can use a Verizon iPhone 4s not the 4 only the 4s because the 4s got 2 ratios… The CDMA ratio and the GSM ratio! That why the iPhone 4s got a sim card tray and the iPhone 4 from Verizon no. Because the 4s is a world phone! The only thing that you need to make it possible is have your iPhone 4s jailbreak and a Gevey card to unlock and activate the phone with any GSM carrier. In this case Straight Talk… This is a Video link that shows a iPhone 4s from Verizon w

  14. fordfiveohh says:

    yep. I agree :-)

  15. fordfiveohh says:

    the unlocked verizon iphone 4 on verizon will take a micro sim and should work on att or tmobile and will be 3g… I would assume it would be att that would work as 3g but it would have to be unlocked. You’d still have to get the micro sim. My friend is thinking of trying it.

  16. fordfiveohh says:

    3gs and down = regualr sim card. Micro SD is for iphone 4 and up and (nokia lumia – windows phone 7 )

  17. fordfiveohh says:

    t mobile will not work on 3g unless you get the tmobile sim.. att will not work on 3g unless you get the att sim (I used to work for ATT)

  18. fordfiveohh says:

    i have seen an unlocked touchscreen verizon blackberry that is unlocked work on straight talk because of having the GSM radio buit in because it’s a world phone

  19. tony williams says:

    this will only work for unlocked ATT and T-MoBILE phones

  20. CobraAR says:

    I have asked straight talk customer service if i would be able to use my unlocked phone” or any type of unlocked phone to straight talk, and she told me no it will not work.. its hard to believe any of this stuff unless you try it yourself :)

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