Does two-factor authentication protect me from hackers?

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  1. Michael Breeze says:

    That’s OK!  :-D

  2. Jusnzl says:

    Might be an idea to follow the example of Lastpass and make login only from your country an option as well.

  3. blacksnoopy says:


  4. Hiren Patel says:

    Great message thanks Matt.

  5. Hiren Patel says:

    Great message thanks Matt.

  6. Ram Gueta says:

    2:45 is the best THATS OK!

  7. CindyLouWho2Too says:

    No, no way to get rid of it permanently. I click “no”, it asks again if I mean no, so I click again, then it disappears – but it comes back again eventually. On all of my Google accounts. Very frustrating.

  8. 000lina000 says:

    Oh, sorry I misunderstood. I believe you do need a cell phone for two-step authentication, just not specifically a smartphone. Can’t you just turn it off and continue using your account normally?

  9. CindyLouWho2Too says:

    You may have a different message. Mine keeps asking for a cell phone number, & only gives space to add a cell phone number – no other options available. It does not tell me I can secure my account in any other way. Continuing to demand a mobile # & not giving me other ways to do this is sleazy, IMO, & also makes it really annoying to log into Google. Hence, I don’t log in much.

  10. SkyDiamonds0 says:

    You don’t need a smartphone for two-step authentication; the way it’s set up for me is every time I try to sign in on a new computer or every 30 days at home, it sends me a text with the pin I need to type in. The app isn’t necessary.

  11. SkyDiamonds0 says:

    He mentions the paper codes you can print out and keep in your wallet. I think there are 10 single-use codes, and you can generate more once you’re signed in.

  12. CindyLouWho2Too says:

    I don’t have a smartphone & I wish Google would stop wasting my time by making me click twice to say “no” when I log into my Google accounts

  13. savagecabage says:

    phew, i was worried for a minute that this video was going to say two-factor authentication wasnt any good

  14. vulkanoff says:

    Russia, China, Bulgaria?
    Wow are we that famous hackers in Bulgaria?

  15. hombrequeso says:

    LOVE that you asked your OWN question!

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