Duracell Instant USB Charger Quick Review

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  1. LSBFlip says:

    Xou saidd that there is a bigger unit??
    Can you tell me the name of it?

  2. David Adamson says:

    Where did you get it

  3. Chris Hill says:

    Will it charge a camcorder?
    Mines a Canon with a 1050mAh battery & lasts 90minutes fully charged in use…

  4. romoburro says:

    February 2013 cerro 13

  5. alexramos2313 says:

    How much does this cost

  6. snowypetrel says:

    Yes, but each time you use sauce.

  7. Hobs Bobs says:

    am i wrong or is that an CM 690II on 0:39?

  8. wtfisditvoorbullshit says:

    I would love me some power sauce! My favorite!

  9. maisa brandao says:

    ola comprei um arregador desse duracel mas nao carrega algo esta errado

  10. nilzmartens says:

    Yes, if you then charge the other charger with the first one, you’ll charge them both creating free energy

  11. sxxc123 says:

    its like a cool device except it is kind of stupid

  12. gmodertom says:

    depends on the device but it just about charges an ipod touch

  13. TheOriginalEasy says:

    how many hours of battery life does the Duracell battery give?

  14. crazyweirdomimicers says:

    Where’d you get that idea?

  15. gmodertom says:

    lol ‘sauce’ and ‘source’ are pronounced the same :)

  16. nilzmartens says:

    “It is meant as a emergency backup power sauce” :) 

  17. gmodertom says:

    yes you charge the battery via a usb cable. You can buy usb wall adaptors if you dont have a PC/laptop to charge it from

  18. Gamerreviews1209 says:

    Wait so u charge the Duracell battery pack thingy by pluging it in with the via mini USB and plug it in in like a computer???

  19. jayynecobb says:

    Mine also works on my Raspberry Pi, but not on my Arduino. Needs constant draw or it wont work (I think above 25mA or something)

  20. jayynecobb says:

    Mine works on my iPod, not on my iPad. The iPad draws WAY too much current for this to operate. It shuts off. Its not an iDick move by apple (like with other things)

  21. RealMasonio says:


  22. gmodertom says:

    I got it from B&Q I think

  23. NathansSoIconic says:

    I can’t find it for £10 no where :( where did u buy yours from ?

  24. dracoolify says:

    Never mind
    I bought a new one and that one did work :)

  25. dracoolify says:

    i cant respons your answer. dont know why. But i hope u read this.
    When i plug it in nothing happens. and i am sure i dont do something wrong.
    On the site it say’s that it can be used for ipod’s. But what i need to do when i jailbreak my ipod. Couse i already have a jailbreak

    Srry for my english i hope u understand

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