Easiest Way To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S On T-Mobile In Less Then 10 Min No Computer Needed

25 Comments on "Easiest Way To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S On T-Mobile In Less Then 10 Min No Computer Needed"

  1. Jimmy Feister says:

    Whats the website

  2. reggie sumpter says:

    astro want work please help

  3. scoopy1917 says:

    links arnt working

  4. rjmckayiv says:

    Yeah, that would be awesome to have other plans.  one seems to be broken, the root file.

  5. krazyboy3000 says:

    Could you upload the files to your google drive? The public link was disabled for creating too much traffic

  6. D'Marco Flournoy says:

    One link does not work

  7. zurab lortqipanidze says:

    this is not got esxplation my phone whrite : signature verification failed  . installation aborted whats the problem ? vibrant galaxy S

  8. thebossep says:

    Link dos not work!!!

  9. carlosjimenez19 says:

    wats wrong with the link

  10. Jessilyn Wells says:

    When i download astro it doesn’t show the downloads folder !

  11. ashley wraight says:

    dose this work on samsung galexyS i9000 uk ?

  12. Riko lee says:

    Link broken you fuck!

  13. luanafiladelfo says:

    Does this work on the galaxy s2

  14. Oscar Luna says:

    Astro not working. is there another APP?

  15. Alejandro Chiriboga says:

    Hey Bud, your video is awesome! But the background music is a mess.. thanks anyway!

  16. 2352315231 says:

    What happens if you mess up? does it screw up your phone forever?

  17. 2352315231 says:

    Link is broken :(

  18. xXJONUCOXx says:

    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verificacion failed
    Installation aborted.

  19. zeesemperfi says:

    y am i getting this message “E:/can’t find /sd/update.zip” Installation aborted :( ((

  20. URdailyAssassin says:

    HEY. Everything is good except the reinstall packages isn’t working

  21. eledment says:

    Maybe you (or someone around you) want to know that you can add a LED Flash to your Galaxy S with COVERLIGHT, a battery cover with a built-in LED Flash…

  22. Chan Sun says:

    astro not work

  23. Stacey Andrews says:

    Link broken

  24. Vishal Singh says:

    downloading link is wrong

  25. Vishal Singh says:

    is it dangerous or harmful to my samsung galaxy s dous

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