Electric Meter Hack! How To Cut Your Electricity Bill In Half! Video WMV V9 mpeg2video

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  1. Kthulhu Fhtagn says:

    Fuck the system, it already tried to cheat all of us before we were even born. Energy should be free for all. Big private run companies would leave you to die if you genuinely didn’t have the funds to heat you’re home. Some old people have to choose between buying food or heating their home.

    Stop sticking up for them you prick.

  2. TPGamerify says:

    Nice man. Would love to use this trick sometime soon.

  3. anticristsuperstar00 says:

    he said spread the word D: is smile dog xDD

  4. SaveMyUtilities says:

    You can lower your electric bill in deregulated areas using SaveMyUtilities : com slash rates

  5. Tom Shaw says:

    Stealing power is the stupidest way to save money

  6. caesarmoridon says:

    Sadly, in CA, that is nearly an average bill for limited electric use during the summer when they double and triple their rates. Now with the smart meters they get you for peak hour usage as well. It is not about the environment, but control. Wake up and open your eyes. With that said, do not do things that are immoral like this. Build a Faraday cage around it or simply ask them to remove the meter d/t RFID frequency issues. They charge you $10.00 to have a meter reader, but it is much cheaper.

  7. eli siddon says:


  8. Michael Ronson says:

    i love people like you that dont give a fuck.

  9. David Accorsini says:

    Its a hoax.

  10. Kyle Veilleux says:

    maybe he has alot of grow lights :P

  11. 99timewaster says:

    Name of song?

  12. 99timewaster says:


  13. Kevin Doyle says:

    I am aware, thank you.

  14. MrHurricaneFloyd says:

    I am afraid that the court costs and fines will greatly outweigh your lower bills.

  15. bestmanbrandon says:

    i have the same cup as you lol

  16. John Kotarsky says:

    yes, but you have to pee on the wires inside of the meter housing. Just just replace the meter, and free electric forever.

  17. coldcallinguk says:

    If he cut down the cannabis would not grow as well as it does now.

  18. thushara rajapakse says:

    your not worth for earth

  19. Erico Dixon says:

    SatelliteDirect™’s software technology taps into more than 3,500 TV channels worldwide right over the Internet. Now you can enjoy more channels than your cable and satellite TV combined for a one-time fee less than one month of your monthly cable bill. For more information please call Erico Dixon at 989-372-1741 Thank-You

  20. rvonhagen says:

    All newer meters are electronic. This won’t work. Also it is too obvious for the older electr-mechanical meters. I have seen magnets cause meter disks to speed up by adding to the flux that causes the disk to rotate. I know. I have tested meters with the magnets on.

  21. sorebuttcheek says:

    I still have the original meter when our house was built in the 70′s, now to find some magnets on ebay, woop woop woop.

  22. emcredneck says:

    power company worker here. This does work….kind of. The only thing that makes sense in this video is the magnets. The magnets do slow the dial down and cuts the amount of kilowatt hours your meter shows. The only problem with this is newer meters now have aluminum dials. My company doesn’t use dial meter any more because of this. Electric all the way! This video would have been good about 10 – 15 years ago. Just conserve electricity and pay your bill like everyone else!!!!!

  23. tshaj yang says:

    can you slow a meter down by blow drying it with a hair dryer. in this video it will tell you how to slow it down /watch?v=AQAp328yefA&feature=related

  24. nathanielnzl says:

    I ave my own neucular reactor in my back yard so no worries for me.

  25. snipersquad100 says:

    bit of a bummer if you have a digital meter

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