FREE How to Root Nook Tablet Part 1 USB drivers and Debugging by Albert Wertz of Tabletroms

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  1. Gavin White says:

    He sounds like sheldon from big bang theory

  2. vindow21 says:

    I followed a link you post on a site where they were asking how do they access the 12gb of the nook HD after rooting…. um, am i missing something… i still dont know how to access the nook hd… ???

  3. lilham100 says:

    ok now i had rooted my nook and i been out of town for 2days when i come back my nook is unrooted with a 1.4.2 software , how can i convert or root it back?

  4. Mary Jo El-Hachem says:

    I didn’t get the exclamation point so I uninstalled the drivers. Now my computer won’t recognize the nook at all.

  5. Al Vertz says:

    use acclaim update to revert back to 1.4.0

  6. lilham100 says:

    For Security reasons , only purchased through the NOOK shop can be installed ?
    Help Me Please !!!!

  7. demonskunkstudios says:

    not to sound like a broken cord, but are you guys and closer to freeing up the locked off space?

  8. Glendobomb says:

    Great Video! I found you the most helpful in the Nook rooting guides. Thanks!

  9. Solho1981 says:

    Hi, great video!!! I have some issues with my nook tablet, after many attempts (trying different launcher and apps) and sideloading, my nook doesnt run android market (install ok, open ok, but it close as soon it is opened). I’ve even try factory restore (hard using power and “n” button, and “erease and unregistered” from settings, it is not possible to root it again, the nookzergy rutine “failed to send any of them” and even doesnt install or remove anything with the deb-loader…tnks!!!

  10. nyckillaheat says:

    thanks I had it all figured out a week ago. and the rooted tablet is works great now :) 

  11. Sarah Brooks says:

    I just got my NT yesterday. I haven’t rooted it yet, but plan to after I learn a little more about it first. I have a question. When I go to youtube on it, I am not allowed to view certain videos, such as mainstream music videos. Will rooting it give me full access to youtube (like a computer)?

  12. dvem69 says:

    From the Start menu, right click on My computer and choose Manage. You going to see device manager in the new window that opens.

  13. Al Vertz says:

    there is one and I dont show how to do it yet.

  14. Mrzaranb says:

    is there or will there be a way to root 1.4.1?

  15. nyckillaheat says:

    im using xp how do i pull up the divice manager

  16. Al Vertz says:

    not to rooot, but you need it to block OTA

  17. mmg0091 says:

    do i need to purchase a micro sd card to root my nook?

  18. erhee2 says:

    how do you root it with a mac?

  19. NanashiKuroInu says:

    alright thanks again

  20. Al Vertz says:

    if you want that menu back, you should unroot and reroot. there is currently no other way that I know of to go back, unless you have a titanium backup of that settings app and can restore it… i dont know which that is

  21. NanashiKuroInu says:

    or given that i have access to things can i sideload again and am i in fine shape? thanks so much for the quick response and help

  22. NanashiKuroInu says:

    Okay well it appears that my nook stayed in debugging mode and i tried to rerun nookandzergy and installed the honeycomb launcher. by doing that i reenabled my ability to choose home vs golauncher vs honeycomb and can now access everything as i wanted before however im thinking for the future i might want to get the regular menu back and search to launch golauncher. would you say i should quit fucking around while im ahead or try to do it again fresh.

  23. Al Vertz says:

    I am almost certain you have to do 8 failed boots and start over because there is no way to sideload once menu taken off, and on nook home screen. but 8 failed boots may give you a half rooted half unrooted state and you might have to use my sd root card (most recent video as an easy way to recover.

  24. NanashiKuroInu says:

    Hi, I have a quick question. Before i do something stupid i was hoping to check with you. when i ran zergy i chose to have the n button open the choice between home and golauncher but i fatfingered it and accidentally chose always choose home so now i cant access my android / non-standard-nook part and my n button doesnt do anything. what is my best course of action. I was plannin on trying to follow your steps over again.

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