Free permanent IMEI carrier unlock any GSM iPhone 3G 3GS 4 or 4S

25 Comments on "Free permanent IMEI carrier unlock any GSM iPhone 3G 3GS 4 or 4S"

  1. Ben7seven7 says:

    This WILL work for other non USA carriers, just use their phone number instead of ATT’s the procudere will be similar. I have captions on my video which state this, though their not visible if you viewed from a mobile device.

  2. Neal De says:

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  3. Neal De says:

    any at&t iphone unlock for 4$ drop me a mail at

  4. Neal De says:

    any at&t iphone unlock for 4$ drop me a mail at

  5. vonwest88 says:

    ok this did not work they just identified my phone service and prompted me over to customer service I dont need them bastards! they get too nosy

  6. vonwest88 says:

    Man! I love you.. its free you are the man of the hour!!

  7. Kevin Johnson says:

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  8. AKxx313xxAK says:

    you could just FACTORY unlock at&t iphones at without even jailbreaking it………

  9. John Richter says:

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  10. tammy hicks says:

    I have spent hours upon hours trying different ways, ATT also sent me to web sight but it took only a few minutes. I may have to wait five days but at least I am not stressing over this any longer. Thank you, this was the best so far, BY FAR! Sincerely Tammy

  11. daddiejay says:

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  12. Bryan Smith says:

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  13. mamat gold says:

    Hye dude. Can I ask u something. Why my Iphone cannot detect any telco. Need help asap.

    Thank dude.

  14. Bo Rong Zheng says:

    Is it possible to do it online without a receipt? Has anyone done it without a receipt?

  15. Ben7seven7 says:

    If you go to att’s website and search for iphone unlock you can find the link there, someone else also posted the link below. You could always try calling att back again to do it via phone see if you can get another customer rep.

  16. jawad136 says:

    i call them and they says i shoud go to website to unclock my iphone ??? help me please

  17. Joey mombini says:

    Don’t need to log in. just enter your name, IMEI and email and click submit.

  18. Joey mombini says:

    Go here to submit an iPhone unlock. click non customer if your dont have att

  19. Gus De la Mora says:

    I called and they said they no longer do it by phone only online and you need to log in or have some kind of receipt… :S

  20. dyli zhuniqi says:

    can you help me t-mobile iphone ?

  21. satish kumar says:

    u can easily find ur imei by dailing *#06#

  22. slc12312 says:

    yeah, she basically said after it is off contract, they can unlock it, but at that time they require another two year contract, so that in essence they continue to get their money if I went with another carrier. She said, why would we unlock it so that you could use some other carriers sim card? Anyway, I still have 15 months left on my contract…then I will get it done elsewhere. Thanks again!

  23. Ben7seven7 says:

    You have to call the carrier the phone was originally locked to to do the IMEI unlock. if it was locked under AT&T you need to call AT&T to have it unlocked.

  24. Ben7seven7 says:

    I’m surprised, I’ve never been told unlocking required entering a new contract. I would call back and get another rep. But don’t bother until the phone is off contract cause you can’t unlock it till then anyway.

  25. Ben7seven7 says:

    I’m glad it worked out smoothly for you. Enjoy Straight Talk, which by the way uses AT&T’s network. Which is awesome :)

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