Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Ep. 73: Screen Recorder Alternatives, Video Capture on Unrooted Android

25 Comments on "Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Ep. 73: Screen Recorder Alternatives, Video Capture on Unrooted Android"

  1. Shahril Syaffiq says:

    Hi. I can’t download attachment from email. In .rar format. What apps can solve this problem? Its from yahoo mail.

  2. hs3580 says:

    What about live internet video recording ?
    Any App for that ?

  3. Kevin Han says:

    Hey Michael Which chapter has flash alert?

  4. louie stanley says:

    Yeah you said you make video like very day what happen to you

  5. Jhb Juan says:

    Hi, my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from singapore version -Model No: GT-N7105
    Baseband version N7105DXDLL1 Build number JZO54K.N7105XXDMB3
    Can I add my game and others apps to my multi window ? Please show in video , thank !

  6. maria nunez says:

    Thank you so much for your reply.

  7. Lucidmike78 says:

    Vector. It’s a great free game, but the load times drive me nuts.

  8. Lucidmike78 says:

    Yes, different because mine is a CDMA/LTE version, and the with a TV antenna. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it over the international version unless you’re in Korea.

  9. Lucidmike78 says:

    I’m thinking about it if it’s cheap enough, but I might hold out to the 10.1 successor, whenever that’s going to come out.

  10. Lucidmike78 says:

    maria, I think the nexus tablets can do this if they are running Android 4.2, but not the note 2. Note 2 will probably get a 4.2 upgrade, but something tells me Samsung and the carriers don’t want multiple user login on a phone.

  11. Arfat Mulla says:

    thanx mike for the reply. I lyk your channel very much..keep it up.

  12. amir amiri says:

    What game is that with 2 guys running and jumping , i like it . looks perty fun.

  13. Carmela Terrado says:

    is galaxy note2 international version different from yours?

  14. Bobby Edwards says:

    I’m finally getting used to this phone. At first the screen size was hard to use. Now I’m glad I bought this phone

  15. arelunk says:

    this is a lil out of topic, but what do you think of the new Galaxy Note 8.0, considering that it has quite the same specs as the Note 2, only bigger. would you buy it? just curious :)

  16. maria nunez says:

    Hi Mike, first let me say thank you for all your woderful videos. Ive learned so much, and still learning. I love my phone even more thanx to you. :) I have a question? Do you know if we can set the home screen for more than one user? Example: I’d open the phone and i would see, owner and guest. If i wanted to use the phone id click on owner, and if i wanted to lend my friend, kids, or anyone else my cell, they used click on guest. Just like on my laptop. Again, thank you.

  17. Rutwik Khalanekar says:

    Ah yes! Thanks for that pointer! I remebered watching it, but it was before I got my Note 2 :)

    Oh and I watch your vids so regularly, I can hear you in my head when I read your comments :)

  18. Lucidmike78 says:

    Rutwik, please check out episode 50. I doodle in the video.

  19. Rutwik Khalanekar says:

    @Lucidmike78 hi mike, thanks for the promp reply. i have the video editor, but i can not doodle on the video as shown in the advertisement.

  20. Lucidmike78 says:

    Rutwik, the app is called Video Editor and you can download it in Samsung Apps.

  21. Lucidmike78 says:

    Arfat, you need to have rooted your device to do directory bind. It’s just mapping a shortcut to your SD as a virtual directory on the internal storage. And after you do directory bind, I hear that out of the blue, it may not stop working properly after working for a good long while. If you are rooted, an app that simplifies this process is called GL to SD.

  22. Arfat Mulla says:

    Hey Mike you once told in your video that it is not possible to move apps or games from internal memory to sd card on Galaxy Note 2. But i saw one video on youtube that one guy moved it by using Directory bind app. Do you know about this? If yes plzz upload a video regarding this. Thanking you in anticipation

  23. Rutwik Khalanekar says:

    hi mike. i watched a promo of the original note. it showed a video editor app where one can doodle on a video, do you know that app? the code of the video is – ojnhCTfmg8U

  24. Gursimran Bedi says:

    Basically it’s jailbreak for android but better :)

  25. Nosrej Chaokad says:

    Thanks Mike

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