Galaxy Spica Android 2.2 Cyanogenmod Tutorial

24 Comments on "Galaxy Spica Android 2.2 Cyanogenmod Tutorial"

  1. joker30115 says:

    it’s to easey I will make one video

  2. Дима Бакоцкий says:


  3. manucary says:

    Lo mejor que he probado hasta el momento es el SPICAGENMOD RC1 (SGM-Froyo-RC1) combinado con el kernel FrozenLake v3q, Anda bastante fluido.

  4. Ahmed bhd says:

    i cant do the step 3 when recovery mode starts an error show up.. please help

  5. fanfaraarmonia says:

    Odin Multi Downloader can not find with file SS_Dl.dll , please help me , and give me link to download that file ,thanks

  6. TheSheraz11 says:

    i download i57exxjh7,but for extracting it require password which i dnt have,plz if u know than paste plz

  7. wingxsocrates says:

    I bought used spica and it’s already in 2.2 version. How do I know it’s Cyanogenmod version of it? Also, is app permissions management available in Cyanogenmod v 6 (Android 2.2 Froyo) or Cyanogenmod v 7.1 (Android 2.3 Gingerbread)?

  8. Cleider Anave says:

    hello friend …. I need help .. and to install the android 2.2 but I can not connect to the Internet as ago to solve the problem … I hope your answer

  9. Tibor Glonczi says:

    de ezt nem értem te kis idegesitö veréb ha mért nem rakod fel a linkeket
    te fasz szopó

  10. rulocerna says:

    hey man! can you put again the links? because these are close, i need the programs, can you give me it?

  11. Aaamolrr says:

    what is the password of rar file to extract file

  12. MrFoxprime says:

    Kill process Kies ;) 

  13. mbsuartist says:

    my pc cant reconized usb device…. help

  14. Stefan Stankovic says:

    missing links:

    Firmware version I570EXXJH7



    I ask you to replace them.

  15. Zyrlax1234 says:

    Please make a video with ANDROID 2.3.4 GINGERBREAD !!! All who want this thumbs up :)

  16. Ateeq Ahmed says:

    really thanks dude some how i managed to update ma phone to android 2.3 :D

  17. baljinder singh says:

    not more download link

  18. baljinder singh says:

    setup connection… ????? help me

  19. baljinder singh says:

    i have the same problem

  20. Nether57 says:

    It’s not for me. My friend absolutely needs a fully functional phone. What is the latest official version available on this phone ? 2.1 update 1 ?

  21. windofbastler says:

    i think it is still alpha and at my phone the battery only lasted for about 7hours wen idle. Just try it yourself and if you dont like it, go trough the video again and stop after installing the stock firmware so you have a new stable os

  22. Nether57 says:

    @windofbastler : This ROM are totaly sable ?

  23. windofbastler says:

    I updated the links. R.I.P. Megaupload

  24. Sebastián Trepode says:

    Hey, is the “New Spica ops file” totally necessary? Just realized that Megaupload went down… Thanks for the help!

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