Google Nexus S review – part 1 of 2

25 Comments on "Google Nexus S review – part 1 of 2"

  1. ThegreatAntwan says:

    I’ve gone through 2 of these their extremely weak.

  2. Dorit Guy says:

    Has anybody encountered a problem with Android 4 and up - no possibility to get the next page by normal paging?

  3. rashid omar says:

    nexus s or nexus ithinkthe nexus is better

  4. awwwcomeon says:

    nexus s , vibrant or inspire 4g??

  5. awwwcomeon says:

    hehe thanks, i think im gonna order it tonight

  6. DavinaFaerie says:

    Haven’t received it yet, hopefully today or tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I can find your comment again. Peace.. :)

  7. awwwcomeon says:

    how is it?

  8. JeremyATX says:

    Does anyone know how to hook it up to HD TV to watch YouTube videos?

  9. onelovefutbol says:

    shit phone I’ve had it

  10. Devara Gian says:

    yes, even with skype or google hangout

  11. Devara Gian says:

    iys getting jelly bean right now!

  12. DavinaFaerie says:

    Really? That comment (along with this vid) just made me buy one (after deciding on about 5 other phones for the last week). Thanks :)

  13. DavinaFaerie says:

    Thank you so much for doing this excellent informative vid!  So much appreciated. Buying one now… :)

  14. Ehrichee says:

    Best period

  15. JuicyJasBeauty says:

    And you’re a moron. I was asking a normal question idiot. get lost.

  16. yuyuyusarsasswiiiiaa says:

    【】お金をお受け取りになってくれませんか?私の都合により此方のお金をどなた様かにお譲りしたいと思っております… 私も真剣なので、真剣にお困りの方ならどなた様でも構いません。お受け取りになってくださいます方は、【】からか又は、youtube内動画検索にて『 わちや 』で検索して頂くと、最短30分程でお受け取りになる事ができます。みなさまのお力に少しでもなれるよう… お待ちしております。

  17. Phong Phan Huu says:


  18. Mianfaizan19 says:

    does google nexus s support video calling

  19. Jwillz23 says:

    @cool you’re right iphone is so overrated it can’t even play flash people praise it because stars use it? I don’t know but a phone is a phone if it works and gets you from point A to B.

  20. davion hiland says:

    wtf u suck

  21. JuicyJasBeauty says:

    How can u tell the difference between nexus one and nexus s? I have the nexus s but it looks exactly the same

  22. Pete Matthews says:

    Owned this phone for over a year till it broke, one of the best phones I’ve ever owned next to the Motorola Razr

  23. Travis Johnson says:

    Very unimpressed with phone. Verizon wireless offers this as a replacement if they dont have your phone in stock (if it needs to be replaced under warranty). very cool at first with nice features and good display although battery life is HORRIBLE and constant loss of reception is good areas. Randomly drops call or will not send texts.

  24. montez254 says:

    this phone was great memories

  25. Lizzy Hong says:

    Thanks for letting me know :3

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