Grand Theft Congo – DRC

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  1. Germania Jim says:

    The biggest mistake we ever made was to send white men to the dark continent. Let it stay in the dark because all there is of satanic or demonic virtue

  2. Germania Jim says:

    so blacks enslaving other blacks, Tell me it aint so. The africoons in the US should take a look and see how bloody good they have it.

  3. Fernando Focker says:

    It ‘s funny how the newspapers say “THE WEST IS DOING NOTHING FOR CONGO ” ” CONGO NEEDS HELP ” It is really weird that the WEST is the one that always have to worry about it. You don’t see middle-east or the east giving much of a help to Africa as the Western countries do.

  4. michael hoory says:


  5. Stillwater900 says:

    I can only imagine the lung problems they will have from breathing cassiterite dust… Its almost 80% tin!

  6. Stillwater900 says:

    I don’t know if its a curse, I think its more of a genetic thing. They aren’t evolved enough to live in or compete with civilized societies. They’ve been made the slaves of the human race, thats for sure. Fighting amongst each other to give their natural resources to foreigners… Richest continent in terms of resources, poorest people? There must be something wrong with them.

  7. Stillwater900 says:

    Forget the people?… I can’t believe idiots like you swallow that anti-human garbage put out by the eugenics organizations.

  8. Stillwater900 says:

    That rock is worth about 8 bucks a pound, not bad. More than copper

  9. ImaginedWriter says:

    Africa is cursed, they won’t have any progress for at least 500yrs. That continent is in darkness.

  10. Subhendu Chakraborty says:

    thanks GOD China is self-sufficient in Tin production(world number 1). If people have to satiate the hunger of China for minerals related to electronic goods then plights would have more grave than what it is today.

  11. kaidosbuddy says:

    Perhaps bad karma for slaughtering and killing mountain Gorilla’s and chimps, for the simple reason “their meat is sweet”….forget the people, lets focus on the ape trade and slaughtering, that’s sad!

  12. Poodleinacan says:

    @milele1000 Yes… But when we think the minerals come from secured mines… We don’t think about it…. I just learned about that yesterday, while waiting to get a haircut…. But I don’t have any cellphone… I have other things… But still, I don’t compare life to an electronic device, oh no.

  13. Poodleinacan says:

    … Meanwhile, PETA protests against Mario and the Tanooki (a japanese fantasy animal) suit he is wearing.

  14. vivascargill84 says:

    of course Africa cannot unite–pan africanism is cosmetic the hitlers of brussels have POWER—remember Lumnumnba remember what happened to him? I see the congolese decided to shoot a democratically ptessifent Cuba would help but ussr is not there you hated the ussr right> well tell you what assholes you check the archives I have them “if they didn’t want to sell” i see and they pronably don’t want to eat either africa cannot do IT THAT IS THE POINT!

  15. patrice vangu says:

    octobre bombe na francofonie

  16. o0LoveLove0o says:

    It couldn’t be bought if they didn’t want to sell. I’m sorry for their suffering.

  17. rp1dmc says:

    Hahaha fuck Africa

  18. Roman Soiko says:

    It is the Congo that is greed

  19. DerWeedSmoker says:

    thats our world….246822
    views, Justin Bieber got millions of views….

    Its the reality but most of the people dont want to see the real world, too fucking sad ;(

  20. Dieutogo321 says:

    I swear I will find a way to revenge congo and africa for the looting these europeans did! Africa will get it’s revenge mark my words!

  21. anoeticpuppet says:

    This video is almost as heartbreaking as the fact that most people will never watch it…. or know what these people are going through…and those that will watch it will only be touched by what they see until they turn on family guy or watch TMZ and forget. The Congo truly is a nightmare in heaven. Such a beautiful place turned into hell on earth.

  22. milele1000 says:

    What a pity that Africa cannot unite and destroy the westerners greed.I guess it’s the need for survival that makes them humble causing them to shut out the pain so as to get their next meal. What a shame for one to compare a cellphone to the life of a human being – nothing in this world could ever match up the value of life.I guess the comment was made by one who is oblivious/ignorant of what is going on in Africa or one who certainly selfish- what a sad being you are,I feel very sorry for you.

  23. Brad Sullivan says:

     the natives are not responsible for their own behaviour?

  24. NewConcreteHouse says:

    It is capitalism.

  25. zzulfiiio says:

    west is destroying this beautifull planet

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