GreenPoison RC6.1 Untethered 4.2.1 Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Apple Tv2

25 Comments on "GreenPoison RC6.1 Untethered 4.2.1 Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Apple Tv2"

  1. TheLaker16 says:

    just hold the home and sleep button until it turns on

  2. 97Havoc says:

    @shakeria888 You turn your device off then start holding the buttons etc.

  3. SupremeLyricist says:

    @alber996 You updated.

  4. TheOpticSnipez says:

    it took some of my very important apps WHAT THE HELL

  5. DishHeads says:


  6. lauretyhtesz says:


  7. alber996 says:

    HELP cydia won’t open … it keeps crasing and taking me back to the homescreen / spring board

  8. gottalovelovepark says:

    after its loading all the words come up on my ipad screen then says failed to get Applexo083493984hjs43 after 130 seconds what do i do someone please hellppp

  9. Maxsuperboer says:

    Great. Thank you verry much. This is what i search for :) TYVM :)

  10. 33minime says:

    my ipod wont turn on now cus of it…

  11. xTDWPx210x says:

    thanks !:D

  12. shakeria888 says:

    Ok I’m confused about 2 things: 1. Do u turn it off or keep it on?(when u follow the instructions) 2.mine just says try again and I do everything rite

  13. Skeetskeet152 says:

    i tried greenpoison and towards the end when the screen is suppose to turn all black then all those shit tons of small ass letters are suppose to keep popping up, it doesnt, only like 8 lines of those whatever kind words are suppose to be and it doesnt go any further then that :(

  14. bankshot00 says:

    why does mine say try again?

  15. MrMEME08 says:

    @skat3rboy696 Its That U May Nt bE Doing It Right..

  16. XiSHOOTU says:


  17. chris4183able says:

    thank u

  18. angrybird378 says:

    When i jailbreaked it only 5 lines pop out and it stayed frozen. So i cant jailbreak:(help
    I have a itiuch 4.3.3

  19. BluntxLight says:

    thanks mate it helped me a lot :)

  20. BluntxLight says:

    thanks so much mate it helped me a lot :)

  21. joneskd52 says:

    worked like a fucking charm

  22. joneskd52 says:

    worked like a fucking charm

  23. hajerotres says:

    Follow my profile and win iPad 2.

  24. Gwixx00 says:

    Would this jailbreak also work for Iphone 3g?

  25. skat3rboy696 says:

    mine just says try again

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