Hakology – How to make a phone tap / listening device / bug

25 Comments on "Hakology – How to make a phone tap / listening device / bug"

  1. hakology says:

    always a pleasure :)

  2. yuran perera says:

    thanks bro..

  3. hakology says:

    Thanks for the comment hehe … and yes the sound quality is great. Thinking about redoing this video in HD this year.

  4. Atul Kallianpur says:

    cheers mate :D made one to monitor a relative’s line……..checking if she is spreading gossip…….bloody brill! quality of sound is amazing! :D

  5. hakology says:

    thanks for your support :) mate ;) 

  6. TheHofemeister says:

    Tasteless comment…You’d get the shit slapped out of you if I ever ran into you.

  7. hakology says:


  8. avatarmotto says:

    @hakology .

  9. hakology says:

    you sound like a prick but thanks for the comment

  10. Kevindelyon1 says:

    U look like a holocaust victim but ur video was alright

  11. hakology says:

    hehe cheers dude :D i have fun making them :)

  12. BeatsProduction786 says:

    Overall it’s a great video, thanks for sharing.

  13. hakology says:


  14. BeatsProduction786 says:

    Ahh.. Lol it’s ok, just sounds a bit funny in the video :P

  15. hakology says:

    lol ty sorry im from the midlands lol :) seriously try and keep my accent out of these vids but some times it creeps through :D

  16. BeatsProduction786 says:

    It’s a lighter not a loighter :) 

  17. hakology says:

    many thanks for your support :D
    this one was a fun episode i should revisit it at some point

  18. Bill Young says:

    you have earned my subscribe and like

  19. ltdevil999 says:

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  20. hakology says:


  21. Artjoms Pugacovs says:

    Does this video has schematic? I have no time to listen to you,

  22. hakology says:

    ahh this one’s great fun dude :)

  23. Rejhan Hasanovic says:

    I’m gonna test it.. looks pretty cool.

  24. hakology says:

    im sorry i dont use messenger if you need to talk to me im available on IRC the room is @ irc.secfo.org and the channel is #hakology or if you have any questions post here so everyone can benefit ;0)

  25. kristianperryadams says:

    hi i’ve added you on windows msgr, if you can give me some advice i am building my own and my components seem different to yours

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