Hands on Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini – Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 1GHz Snapdragon, 5MP camera.mp4

25 Comments on "Hands on Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini – Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 1GHz Snapdragon, 5MP camera.mp4"

  1. visalisegaming says:

    See my channel for a drop test on this phone – it’s indestructible!

  2. Lauren Aashen says:

    Rundt 1000 din jævel. SØK PÅ NETTE DA -.-

  3. marc ante says:

    how much? ph

  4. sinuaswipole sasead says:

    as i know flash works

  5. nks15a says:

    nice video! i m thinking to buy xperia mini or xperia mini pro. which is better?? thanks!

  6. Aizak Duran says:

    How can i install a Game o applcation in this device??
    please HElp

  7. orp0piru says:

    Does adobe flash work? Can you look at streamed tv from w w w . l i v e s t a t i o n . c o m?

  8. 007jarko says:

    talk louder

  9. maxxdblade says:


  10. maxxdblade says:

    No,sk17i is Mini Pro,
    This is sk15i.

  11. maxxdblade says:


  12. maxxdblade says:

    It works.

  13. maxxdblade says:

    Of course it works.

  14. Felix Engvall says:

    Do any one now if instagram works in this phone?

  15. Wan Fahmi says:

    sure .

  16. cradle149 says:

    is instagram compatible with this phone?

  17. Bryle Aviso says:

    is it scratch resistant screen??

  18. FRIDAY312411 says:


  19. diegoarmandomendoza says:

    The xperia mini pro is way better man,

  20. KaloqnYo says:

    Xperia Mini , of course ! It’s faster , it has a lot better specs. :)

  21. taimur khan says:

    xperia mini vs htc explorer? xperia is around $35 expensive than explorer which one is better choice?

  22. 69helka says:

    Does it have a keyboard?

  23. Dinoegg96 says:


  24. ov49 says:

    What is the model no of this phone??? X10?

  25. ykkelebek says:

    I have this phone. after 6 months, i have problems with touch buttons at bottom. Just search youtube for “xperia mini problem”. you will see what i mean.

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