How To Boot A Tethered iPhone & iPod Touch 4.2.1/4.2 Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 – Stop Cydia Crashing

25 Comments on "How To Boot A Tethered iPhone & iPod Touch 4.2.1/4.2 Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 – Stop Cydia Crashing"

  1. Len Voth says:

    So I did this process and everything seemed ok but the pineapple stays forever. Had to force a power off again. So am now back at Cydia dying again.

  2. neron jones says:

    Uhm help i Jailbroke my ipod and it died durinng the jailbreak process that is done on the ipod when it shows the pineaple and when i turn it on it starts the boot sequence and continues untill it dies again

  3. ayaz alvi says:

    it works but when i switch off my ipod 4g and when i turn it on and open my cydia it crashes again plez help

  4. WorldWideEpicGamers says:

    my screen is stuck on the pineapple is that normal? or how long does it take

  5. ktroha011 says:

    How long does it take to tether because my iphone seems to be stuck on the pineapple icon…

  6. WorldWideEpicGamers says:

    One solution is to go on your computer and restore it on itunes and i can make a video on how to jailbreak ios 6 for you i found a way but its tethered for now its simple

  7. Abdullah Rangoonwala says:

    do u need to be in dfu mode

  8. adam spollen says:


  9. mendezgurl4 says:

    thanks, this helped a lot!

  10. Isiah Johnson says:

    Can some PLZ Help Please! I had a friend jailbreak my iPod and idk how he did it. All I know is that my safari is not opening and it keeps crashing, Same thing goes with Cydia. Also my icon for Cydia is white. Somebody please reply!

  11. MasterBasyira10000 says:

    How to I fix the white screen on the Cydia when I boot it it won’t work it said waiting for iPhone 4

  12. 10Z1N says:

    The pineapple icon doesnt show, only the apple sign does! Please help me

  13. horespyramidstudio says:

    here is a suggestion for everyone, if use any i devices use mac

  14. horespyramidstudio says:

    thanks bro you have saved my life.

  15. horespyramidstudio says:

    when my cydia is crash my safari does not work

  16. doublemint905 says:

    it opened, but it says ‘prepering file system (Cydia will exit when complete)’ is that normal?

  17. tanishqaggarwal says:

    just wait for a few sconds done it several times!

  18. trazer35 says:

    Thanx bro u saved my life!!!;)

  19. lilmountrix says:

    Yo cool thinks

  20. xt3r4nc3x says:

    did it show the pineapple?

  21. xt3r4nc3x says:

    let me ask u its doesnt show the pineapple it just show the screen on my pc is slow is it still working

  22. lovetorun114 says:

    omg than you so much dude my friend anthony did it for me but i let it run out of battery by accident and i followed ur steps and remebered his and i did it thanks so much :) this was really helpful

  23. K1llerEel says:

    I’m stuck on the goddamn pineapple now D: help!

  24. jjpsoider says:


  25. heksen800 says:

    He dont do it:(

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