How to configure MMS (picture messaging) & data for Straight Talk iPhone 3 3GS 4 4S

23 Comments on "How to configure MMS (picture messaging) & data for Straight Talk iPhone 3 3GS 4 4S"

  1. JGrealmusic says:

    It works with other iphones but not regular phones.. what do i do??

  2. hqsupreme1 says:

    very helpful bro thanx alot!!!!!!

  3. SaraST8 says:

    Hi ligitOWN3Dligit, I’m Sara with Straight Talk. Thank you for your interest in the Bring Your Own Phone program. For your question, you have to first update the correct Access Point Name settings on an eligible phone to let the MMS feature (picture messaging) function. If you have queries, send us an email at Thank you!

  4. ligitOWN3Dligit says:

    i dont get it, why cant you mms when you switch it to straight talk?

  5. iiL30N23 says:

    @iosandroid411. I’m on 6.1 jb and I did everything

  6. Tate Winters says:

    It worked for me, the key is following him step by step and go through the whole video it’s kinda slow but that is the best way to do it, it worked perfectly for me I can get on 3G and send pictures off of it!

  7. Scottie Lucas says:

    You sent that through Imessage and you can send pics to other iphone users with or without being jailbroken and also without being sim swap, found this out when i got mine turn right on…
    so if you wanna make it real send it through someone who is not useing Imessage regular messages are green

  8. Carvin Johnson says:

    cool this works like a dream thanks

  9. TheAman40 says:

    How do I get cydia!?!

  10. jaime ingraham says:

    what hapopens if it doesnt say home only t mobile

  11. Rhashod Roberson says:

    Dude you were u using i message to send that picture ?
    cause that picture was going to go thru even if u didnt set up your apn settings

  12. bijand25 says:

    Oh it needs jail broken first

  13. mark ford says:

    -READ if you need MMS-
    You DON’T need to jailbreak!!
    Google “T-Mobile sim swap method” :)

  14. havenasp says:

    how is the Text message MMS though? I noticed you were in iMessage, and that uses internet rather than just mms services.

  15. Tankeon says:

    my phone couldn’t find xsellize

  16. xForTheRepublic says:

    Seriously, you can’t edit the video enough to cut out the waiting time for your damn Cydia to update. Thumbs down for being lazy.

  17. SaraST8 says:

    Hi Montrell! This is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. Yes, it will work on your H2O phone but you will need to follow a different instruction since this video is for iPhone phones. You may send us an email at if you have further questions. Thank you.

  18. montrell watson says:

    can this work with H2O wireless to?

  19. Devon Croft says:

    You only showed sending a text message to another Iphone which really doesn’t count because if you try to send a picture text message to another phone that is not a Iphone it will not work. You need to update this video.

  20. Kenny Frank says:

    It don’t have to be jailbroken to access data and mms

  21. Meegz29 says:

    Worked great iPhone 4 and 3GS TY !!

  22. Saleh Alkhodhaie says:

    Fuck the jailbrokern

  23. MrYousef86 says:

    Hey you ! That was iMessage you send but will it send picture as text MSG ?????

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