How to do a hard reset on the Boost Mobile/Sprint Samsung Transform Ultra.

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  1. Gary Powell says:

    What about just holding a powerful magnet to it for about 10 seconds?

  2. Gary Powell says:

    On my state-of-the-art Coby Kyros, all I have to do is hit the Restorer button, and presto, instant restoration, or instant after you scroll that restore menu, and pick what you want, or you can download an app to do it for you, and your rooted device!

  3. esmeluv83 says:

    I neeeeeed to remove superuser but nothing works

  4. Faijaaz Kariman says:

    its not working
    my gio

  5. MrsYoungMa says:

    THIS WORKS! I have a Samsung Prevail, and the only differences in instruction is that you need to press UP on the volume button instead of DOWN. Next, in order to select 3rd option to wipe data/factory rest, you will need to press your CAMERA button (lower right) instead of POWER button. Then select reboot when hard reset is complete. Everything else, please listen to him carefully. Also, make sure your SYNC button is ON before starting and also back up phone contacts to SD card. Thank you!!

  6. THANH LAM Nguyen says:

    clip very good,i like it

  7. MEATPLANET says:

    my samsung phone is for sprint and different but is the same model ? wtf

  8. shemmar360 says:

    no it wont

  9. DYABLA3C says:

    does this help get rid of superuser ???

  10. theisaacpark442 says:

    THNAK U SO F**KING MUCH!!!!!! U SAVED MY A**!!!!!!(ps I’m asain and Asian parents and strict and I would have gotten if It wasn’t for u). :) ))))))))))

  11. tsmoove1150 says:

    thanks it worked all i need now is to remove superuser lol i been lost my root

  12. shemmar360 says:

    your music and pics are saved to your sdcard not your phone

  13. tsmoove1150 says:

    is it a way to keep your pix and music after doing this?

  14. djcongomex says:

    Thank you so much I tried a lot of diffrent ways and finally yours work to reset my phone.

  15. TheJDskullkid12 says:


  16. tsmoove1150 says:

    I lost my root on boost transform ulta do you know how to get it back?

  17. AvengerForever97 says:


  18. slbauman1968 says:

    Thank you so much this was so helpful!!!! You saved me

  19. MTE21MarleyBeeh says:

    shit worked Lol
    Good Lookin Out Follow Me @MTE_Blastn_Off 

  20. shemmar360 says:

    sign into your google account on your phone and then it will appear

  21. shane813flow says:

    how can you get your contacts back after this?

  22. edwin hernandez says:


  23. khar mon says:

    thank you i tried everything nthe null crap youtube account thank you

  24. 2424lil says:

    my calendar is always changing the ringtone to silent help!

  25. Marvin Escobar says:

    thanks. im doing this for my friend cus he forgot hi password lol

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