How to Enable T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

24 Comments on "How to Enable T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!"

  1. a t says:

    will this work for s3?

  2. Nilesh Talele says:

    I followed your directions and right now have ICS with AWS activated. I was wondering if I upgrade to any of the Jelly bean ROMs, how would it affect the blaze modem? in short will it still work on AWS?

  3. sharky loco says:


  4. Angelanash4 says:

    i dont even get a network mode option on my note…why???

  5. Angelena Cellura says:

    Will this change your service to Tmobile?? I bought the galaxy note online from ebay and then I unlocked it…because it is an AT&T phone…when I put in the tmobile SIM card it still wouldnt read the network or connect to it…will this get me connected to the Tmobile network??

  6. ffdgdgdssdyrd says:


  7. frigazeez says:

    Ok so ive downloaded the t-mobile blaze modem…when downloaded i got 4 files……..witch one do i install through clockworkmod???????????

  8. rayneed4speed007 says:

    how do you install ics blaze modem

  9. rayneed4speed007 says:

    hello where do i get the please help

  10. heidenvilleda says:

    Hey I have a galaxy note 2 but idk why it wont run on 4g it only runs on 3g idk whyy

  11. iPhoneGeek23 says:

    Your gonna have to whip your phone, then restore the phone. If your running The Padawan V3, download the update to Verison 4. You can download it on your computer on xda developers, just look for the Galaxy Note, then look for the update. Download it and drag file to the download section of your phone. Get into clockwork recovery, then install zip-download-then look for the folder you dragged from the computer to your phone, then install. after that, reboot. Then phone will be work again.

  12. Arnold Ndongo says:

    Will this also work on the international galaxy note…the n7000

  13. iPhoneGeek23 says:

    Does this work for Simple Mobile Customers?

  14. iPhoneGeek23 says:

    No Service?

  15. iPhoneGeek23 says:

    My Mobile Network Slate is showing Disconnected. What do I do?

  16. iPhoneGeek23 says:

    Will this work with Simple Mobile?

  17. Edwin Colon says:

    I installed ics blaze and it still does not work!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Edwin Colon says:

    Same thing happened to me…Any response????

  19. Edwin Colon says:

    My phone was working fine untill I followed your steps. Now I get nothing

  20. Edwin Colon says:

    I followed all your steps and now I get nooooo networks

  21. Anh Le says:

    How do you get AWS band to work on the Samsung note i717??

  22. zedomax says:

    Install ics blaze modem.

  23. mrboi954 says:

    Hello i have question i followed all ur direction but when i go into mobile network there no network mode please email at Mr.boi954@gmail.con thanks

  24. shayne mason says:

    IM asking because i bought a galaxy note off ebay last night and it has a bad esn , im wondering if rooting it then unlocking it well allow me to use it for prepaid sim card for tmobile …….any advice would be greatly appriciated due to the fact i am hopeing i didnt just make a 300 dollar mistake , it is a i717

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