How to get Macromedia flash 8 full version for free! [EASY NO VIRUS]

25 Comments on "How to get Macromedia flash 8 full version for free! [EASY NO VIRUS]"

  1. Aabhusan Aryal says:


  2. AngryPankakeTriumph2 says:


  3. S4Sentertainment says:

    Maybe ( Flash ) Resources must be in ( Program Files (x86) )
    maybe you dont have (x86)

  4. Lawrence Luo says:

    the music sounds like call of duty zombies theme…

  5. MegaHam12 says:

    Illegal is my middle name :D

  6. Juliahockey101 says:

    every time i try to open flash, i get “The FlashResources.dll file is missing. please re-install flash 8″
    i tried re-installing but it didn’t help, and google didn’t help either. if anyone has used it before, can you help me? thank you!

  7. Francis Fedeswag says:

    thanks man, it works. no virus, i thank you again. if anyone is having problems with the keygen enter this WPD800-57931-57432-12260 and click remind me later if it says to register your macromedia thing. once again, thank you.

  8. GTA10134 says:


  9. godbolin says:

    is this illegal? :/…oh well!

  10. godbolin says:

    lol same with me :D

  11. ianrocks46 says:


  12. LightVlogs says:


  13. limitedcool1 says:

    YOU SIR!!!

  14. youngatheart0909 says:

    thanks :) )

  15. Roger Visto says:

    Hahahahha You are right !

  16. Rubywing4 says:

    this does seem fine enough, and i really want to download flash 8…but i just can’t seem to do it…is it really free? and no viruses? and nothing happens when i do the keygen?

  17. Rubywing4 says:

    so this flash 8 download is free? right?

  18. MegaGameFan100 says:

    Step 1 subscribe to this video step 2 like this video
    Step 3 Make a new account step 4 repeat Steps 1&2

  19. Tiago Campos says:

    THANKS :)

  20. ErikDesigns says:

    the hell happened to the music lol

  21. pokemonfreak2211 says:

    So this download has no viruses and the codes still work?

  22. nedas strigunas says:

    read the title

  23. ACBproductions2002 says:

    HOLY FUCK IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! You sir just earned yourself a subscriber!

  24. xRawrrry says:

    Thank you so much! Now I can animate with this.

  25. aryanujjainwal says:

    is it safe?
    the potable version is not be finded at desktop or in hard disks…
    flash8-en.exe could be find easily ?

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