how to hack your neighbors internet

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  1. Kevin Poole says:

    Useful site here my friends. I really love it.
    It helped me to hack 3 WiFi Passwords in 15 minutes:

  2. takeitaway17 says:


  3. wgtetz says:

    Hey dumbass – did it ever occur to you that as easy as it was for you to jump on that unsecured network, that made it just as easy for someone to jump into your computer?

  4. Ugapang molmol says:

    All hacks is here

  5. mrmojoman poulsen says:

    what the has this to do with hacking stupid fuckhead

  6. mark bonifacio says:

    Ur ill man!!!!

  7. Harry Poole says:

    I saw you steal a mum and not get yelled for it, then you stool a screwdriver, MAN you got problems, I thought you were a downloady type thing not a YO MAMA theif
    BY “SMILY FACE, NOT!” team cooparation aka DUH FISH

  8. bandalog1121 says:

    ur internet is mising the R ;P

  9. andrew5981 says:

    I use this one to hack facebook account –> www.fbhackmarch2013.blogspot.c­­om you must try if its working to you goodluck!

  10. Inayat Khan says:

    every where a stupid survey why these mother fucker do this

  11. Francisco Garbarino says:

    i went to all the bullshit but only i need to know that freaking password but my celphone broke and i need to put my ceelphone

  12. Riki Harinson says:

    Never trust any liar. Just this site worked really for me:
    WiFi Hacker v3.1

  13. mbdamnit says:

    Wait thats backwards. Whatever. I see you! You like saw you steal a screwdriver
    and get yelled at for it… Yer not a good stealer.

  14. mbdamnit says:

    Digital Deluxe you hacker

  15. Francis damien says:

    I was instroduced to which helps you hack facebook easy

  16. GodsBusinessWay says:

    That’s not hacking it’s just piggybacking. Hacking would actually involve you cracking a password. Piggybacking is actually perfectly ethical.

  17. besnik nurshaba says:

    fuck you and your family okay
    wuthout survay ca you understand

  18. PlentyeDating says:

    this video is very cool! I have made a website about how to hack any Wi-Fi please check it and learn how!

    Backtrack is THE tool to use guys be careful with the scam that is going on right now about software or apps that allows you to hack Wi-Fi in like seconds that is a SCAM!

  19. Aisha De Laney says:

    password please?

  20. travis sterrum says:

    backtrack 5 dumbasses, get a little penetration expirience.

  21. Kevin Poole says:

    Just I found a very HOT tool you can steal a WiFi Password!!

  22. Jian Kuo Chay says:

    you dont say,

  23. d1974green says:

    Another Bullsh!t video…

  24. Digger Nick says:

    Just some simple facts.. WPA2 PSK and WPA PSK is pretty much impossible to hack and ALL these videos (and some comments) are children who want to make money with surveys, and i say it again IMPOSSIBLE TO HACK, the only kind of network encryption that is crackable is WEP, if you wanna know more, google “Kali Llinux” install it and find some tutorials.

  25. Ahsan Khan says:

    Are you really idiot or damage mind?

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