HOW TO: iAcces 4 For Free & Themed Keyboards on iPhone 4 & iPod Touch

24 Comments on "HOW TO: iAcces 4 For Free & Themed Keyboards on iPhone 4 & iPod Touch"

  1. mani chand says:

    this didnt work, it opened(Chinese) but when i clicked it goes back to spring board :(

  2. arvin mercado says:

    is there iaccess for ios 5? would you please make a review sir?

  3. BlackBoyOn14thStreet says:

    will this come out for ios5

  4. kenny12101 says:

    i guess it doesnt work for ipod -.- closes every time i open it. 4.2.1 greenpoison jb

  5. usmcsemperfiwife1 says:

    Those This Work With IOS5

  6. votballer says:

    Dumbasses reboot your idevice!!!

  7. FlossinShawdi says:

    Don’t work 

  8. lakdjfhaslkdjfhuaehu says:

    does this work for 4.2.6 verizon? i know im kinda late…

  9. ELCHULO2259 says:

    it nat work weth 4.3.3???

  10. alvhinic sanctus says:

    is theres available for 4.3.3 =((
    pls respounz

  11. resonantarbiterMC says:


  12. Tyler Miller says:

    what keyboard are you using?

  13. Tyler Miller says:

    what keyboard are you using?

  14. ELiTeSwag12 says:

    WTF is your theme?!

  15. 455Dan554 says:

    When I downloaded iAcces and restarted my ipod, I got iAcces but whenever I start it up a message in chinese pops up and when I click the button under the message the app shuts down. How do I get around this?

  16. chad clawson says:

    Does this work on 4.3.3? I installed it an when I go to change the language it keeps kicking me out. Any help would be great. Thanks

  17. mytube6913 says:

    no longer available =( i am on 4.2.8 verizon iphone

  18. Megazyper says:

    thanks soooooooo freakin much to explain how to get up the keyboard too=)=)

  19. lilAznFaith says:

    u can hit restart springboard then its in safe mode then restart and reboot again unless thats too much work

  20. Gage Lawrence says:

    ty your awesome <3

  21. GammoTechXtra says:

    look out for my next video im going to show how to fix it

  22. GammoTechXtra says:

    its hard to tell but they did update it not sure how long ago but if u cant get it to work dont worry im going to upload a video showing another better faster way to get it. doesnt matter what firmware

  23. GammoTechXtra says:


  24. GammoTechXtra says:

    some ppl using firmware above 4.2.1 r having trouble getting it to work. there is an alternative its color keyboard its in cydia its great i think this will be the future for themed keyboards its easier i use it.

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