How to Install E3 Flasher on PS3 Slim – Part 3

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  1. RoboGamer1HD says:

    I had the same problem what is the HDD… what should i do. Is something not connected. I did everything that you did and the red light on the Esata doesn’t show.

  2. Roman Gladky says:

    Hey dude! What about your recording quality?!

  3. jacob25023 says:


  4. TheLEWISJAKE says:

    Subbed and liked my psn is Xx-uLtRaMoDZ-xX plzz add

  5. SgTcInUiN says:

    Omg what is teh introoooooo sonnggggyggggggggg

  6. DORMlN says:

    can yo sh!t dual-boot?

  7. Bianca Nuno says:

    add me Seth-Hermes i sub

  8. Anthony Jean says:

    lol what an ignorant.. Power outlets are the same in canada and USA. This one is an european power cord. If you have a PSP, you can use its power cord for the ESATA Station, it will work just fine.

  9. Tom Clancy says:

    Wow there is lots of misinformation in this video… so let me just say one thing.
    First of all the ESATA Station power cord outlet plug is a European version and not Canadian.
    Second, you don’t need to buy a new one, only thing you need to do is by a European to N-American Outlet Plug Adapter.
    As you already showed us in the video, it can accept power from 100-240VAC 50/60Hz and convert it to DC12V ~ 2000mA.

    Here some info for you.
    Europe: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz
    N-America: 110-120VAC 50/60Hz

  10. RapidModzCoUk says:

    Wow, you went a bit Polaroid on us around 9:30

  11. HistoryVI says:

    update to 3.55 then jailbreak

  12. Sam Arseneau says:

    I have a question… If you buy a PS3, and start it up isn’t it first on Firmware 2.90 or something around that before you install the latest firmware. In this case 4.31. So couldn’t you instead of installing 4.31 install a CFW like Kmeaw 3.55 from 2.90.

  13. rohan kunwer says:

    My ps3 cech 3008b cannot be downgraded to 3.55
    Will e3 flasher help me…?

  14. fliper975 says:

    does it work with 4.31?

  15. bman7407 says:

    Does this work with a ps3 slim CECH-2501A on FW 4.31?

  16. squanto269 says:

    does the downgrade
    work with any version ?

  17. راشد محمد says:

    TOGxFTW brother what is your ps3 slim module

  18. mike jones says:

    get one here gadgets-4-umyshopify

  19. SubShain says:


  20. FuroowHD says:

    Yea can i after installing this, downgrade 4.31 to 3.55CFW?

  21. tobias nygård says:

    does this work with 4.30

  22. CYERRELL12 says:

    i fixed that problem, but now i cant eject my disk inside my ps3, any help?

  23. CYERRELL12 says:

    my ps3 can’t startup please help

  24. junaidz hakz says:

    wat ps3s it work with

  25. jj36913 says:

    I subbed my psn is jmagg2234

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