How to Install iOS 5 on iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod Touch 1g and 2g w/ Whited00r

25 Comments on "How to Install iOS 5 on iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod Touch 1g and 2g w/ Whited00r"

  1. FarisC00Li0 says:

    i want a mc download

  2. lewis tierney says:

    Takes ages

  3. kevinator724 says:

    well i went to the link and i put ipod 2g and it only has downloud on top and on bottom and i clicket it and it takes me to a diferent page (((((( please please please help me))))))

  4. Michael Law says:

    No, It’s not actually ios5 it only ios 3.1.3 but they added ios 5 features…

  5. darkusdude21 says:

    why does everybody have a mb model and i have a mc model?!

  6. Samurai King says:

    but i dont get the cydia how?

  7. rendha taurusta says:

    iso tenan a iki? @Abeee_M

  8. Mekala Wilson says:

    can you do this on a iphone thats already jailbroken

  9. Ernesto Garza says:

    When you download it, how can you select it from itunes?

  10. Azriel Azce says:

    Did everthing and it succesfully booted. But the prob is, it says iphone version 3.1.3 ??

  11. Chris Anderson says:

    dude with the iphone 4 just fucking update idiot

  12. CaptainTurtles13 says:

    i cant find the links

  13. Chris Slover says:

    cool thats great. now if i could just find my iphone hummm

  14. peopleofruinednatur3 says:

    can you play ios5 games on it?

  15. heluvshisgorditia says:

    or can i jailbreak after i get this?

  16. heluvshisgorditia says:

    Does this inculde jailbreak?

  17. 80sMetalhead4Life says:

    Can you do this with a verizon iphone 4? need to install 5.1.1 on my phone. currently running 4.2.5.

  18. Frostydog21 says:

    will it completly erase everything but is there a way to get ur apps and stuff back?

  19. pazzoembriago00 says:

    it didn.t work

  20. Boyboyzola says:

    Not impossible easy lol da

  21. Boyboyzola says:

    So my iPod 2g 4.2.1 can’t upgrade to ios 5

  22. Xiaonyx says:

    Note, this is not a ios update for a older iphone/ipod. It is just a modification to enhance your current ios experience to the maximum satisfaction. Will it make your iDevice slower you ask? Yes, but not by much. In fact whited00r gives more advantages then disadvantages. Multitasking is very useful!

  23. laterranceself31 says:

    why did you lie, you said it does not need jailbreak, when i go to the page to download, it says that you do need to jailbreak. LIES

  24. minzy2911 says:

    i cant download the whitedoor app. pls help me.

  25. chaheti porwal says:

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