How to install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on Galaxy TAB P1000

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  1. Bartos Cristian says:

    I have almost the same problem. At my tab after a short appearance of logo Samsung is only black screen and the control buttons are lighting all the time .
    Did u thanks Thx

  2. James Bautista says:

    is this os stable?? kindly advise??

  3. Hicham Chatbane says:

    vio is the psw

  4. Hicham Chatbane says:

    vio is the psw

  5. 1246433 says:

    Read the description!
    [Password :- vio]

  6. Don Kawawa says:

    ooh mine its asking for rar password can you help me out with that please

  7. Varun Raj says:

    Network isn’t coming…
    i install the jelly bean 4.1.2 by the CyanogenMod 10 and after the installation tab doesn’t show the network and when i call on a no. it shows a error “Mobile network not available” . but the SIM Toolkit work properly. when i search the network and click on “Choose automatically” it show a message “Register on network”. i insert the another working sim card but problem still remain.

  8. Ronnie Pop says:

    Dude, you´re the best! I love JB on my old Tab :-) Your dialect takes a little getting used to, but your video’s are crystal clear. Props!

  9. Hicham Chatbane says:

    I follewed all the steps: now when i boot the p1000, the blue cirkel is noe cerkeling for more then a hour. Please help!!!

  10. Lucas Gabriel Chan Zampolli says:

    quiero cambiar el usuario de propietario(spanish)

  11. Ronaldo Coelho says:

    Is the TV still working with this version?

  12. James Bautista says:

    is this os jelly bean CM10 4.1.2 is stable?

  13. James Bautista says:

    how can i download ClockWorkMod [CWM] Recovery for upgrade jelly bean ?

  14. qgokim says:

    How do you revert to stock gingerbread from cm9?

  15. En Wandi says:

    Hello, the file is not found, can help me?

  16. Erik Gutierrez says:

    It worked for me. But in cm10 version the video playback is laggy are there any solution with that?

  17. Krishnan Bose says:

    getting error

    Finding update package …
    Opening update package …
    Verifiyng update package …
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

  18. thongdee33ify says:

    my wife had hit some really big problems with her tab, trying to upgrade from gingerbread to jellybea had “killed” her internal sdcard and it seemed like we would have to take it into a shop…. however, she stubbornly stuck with it and found your site… very happy to report that thanks to your video, she now has a fully functioning jellybean tab!!!
    My only comment would be to please speak slower….

  19. solitarionotturno says:

    Is it the final version?

  20. RJBargee says:

    Also I had to obtain the file from another source because the link doesn’t work for me (probably due to the amount of downloads), but it’s the same program.

  21. RJBargee says:

    I do the exact same thing but for some reason after booting in recovery mode the text is blue and i cannot ever find the file. Please help, I hope I have not deleted all my data for nothing..

  22. SRLfoamies says:

    This howto worked as expected.
    Our GTP1000 now has better bluetooth than the stock 2.33.


  23. alim atib rahman says:

    its work..thanks

  24. littlehippi21 says:

    i need one for CDMA Version

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