How To Move Multiple App Icons At A Time MultiIconMover – iOS Vlog 66

25 Comments on "How To Move Multiple App Icons At A Time MultiIconMover – iOS Vlog 66"

  1. aSmexyPanda says:

    iPod Touch 5G Giveaway ! :) Blue ~

  2. Leira R. says:

    iPod Touch 5G Giveaway

  3. CIanTags says:

    can you move multiple icons into a folder? it wont let me.

  4. Gage Corbin says:

    You can get both for free and actually infinidock isn’t free someone else made it so now there’s 2 on Cydia.

  5. minirockstar786 says:

    I can’t find it D:

  6. Nathan Rodriguez says:

    cool but you culd got infinidock for free

  7. krazi311 says:

    Hey what theme are you using? I like the banner type icons.

  8. TheMrjulian says:

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  9. xLieutenantVodka says:

    I belive its called fiveiconrow but I use infiniboard, its far better just look it up on youtube

  10. TheWilltait says:

    everytime i click and hold my icon app it stays gray…… and then i click on the apps and move the app and nothing follows it…

  11. SuperRandomAdds says:

    type in search and type multi icon mover and search and there it is

  12. WikkyWaa says:

    Yeah, I have an iPhone 4 running on 4.2.10 and when I search “MultiIconMover” im Cydia, nothing comes up. Is there any other tweak that will do the same thing?

  13. Reb10101 says:

    could someone please tell me how you get more than 4 icons in each row.

  14. MissCherryHugs says:


  15. deevigetre says:

    do it works on ipod 4.2.1

  16. Activ Sesh says:


  17. calvingsc says:

    Hi, what theme are you using on your iphone?

  18. CharlieGuitarMaster says:

    @JeffHardyXX Use 5 column Springboard or if you want more options download iconoclasm :)

  19. theprorobot4000 says:

    download icy it delets stuff u downloaded fast and easy

  20. swhit333 says:

    u dont have to drag one jst go to the page u want and press home button

  21. Pokepro1000 says:

    its in Cydia, which is the main downlodaing app for your jailbroken ipod, iphone, or ipad. Dont tell me you didn`t even jaibreak your device yet, did you

  22. blunt1997 says:

    of the hook….thanks for posting!!!

  23. donhealyou says:

    i cant seem to find it ??

  24. jacob123456787 says:

    hey i just tryed this and everytime i click on my icon the springbored crashes ?? how do i take off this hack?

  25. L1xtreme says:

    Downloaded the app from Cydia but it doesnt do anything. I cant find it anywhere to turn it on. I checked in cydia and it is down loaded. What to do?

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