How to ROOT Boost Mobile ZTE Warp after B08c UPDATE

24 Comments on "How to ROOT Boost Mobile ZTE Warp after B08c UPDATE"

  1. rudi246 says:

    Yea, I used the 2gb sd card that came with the phone instead of my 8gb and that worked.

  2. avehicle1369 says:

    Did you ever figure out how to install CWM? I am having the same problem.

  3. rudi246 says:

    After installing cwm and rebooting it goes into the default recovery screen. How do I fix this?

  4. Ragnar666 says:

    I know this isnt apart of this video, but i need help onto how to keep the four buttons lite up at the bottom (the home, menu, back, search) cause I put on a new screen protector on it for my girlfriend, the one where it shows it as a mirror when the phone is off, but now cause of it, she cant see the buttons now, only when theyre lite up, i know which one is which and where theyre at with no problem but she has difficultys with it still. Anyone help me out on this?

  5. KonigDasWeib says:

    well this work on zte860??

  6. mrcmrg4cg says:

    It dose not say how to put light on with the camara my phone dise not let me

  7. TheComoletti says:

    says waiting for device. how do i fix?

  8. TheComoletti says:

    can some one give me the direct link for zte . rar? it is not there

  9. Deidre Mcleod says:

    i just tried this and it didnt work.. i can’t find the one step CWM.. I’m n ot sure if the links got changed again

  10. JaPLoVeR415 says:

    could this work for the zte score

  11. waville says:

    pdanet do not work

  12. waville says:

    its work but u need a adb driver

  13. Nitrogeek101 says:

    If Any Body has Questions of how to root the zte warp on any version (n860) plz contact me at

  14. 007ipodtouch says:

    does this work for n860?

  15. lbreezi says:

    it says verication failed or something like that update aborted helpppppp?

  16. lbreezi says:

    where can i download that zte.rar file?

  17. Chris Shattuck says:

    I can’t get it past a error 103 do i have to turn on mass storage?

  18. Anibal Martinez says:

    Cant mount sd Card Any suggestions?

  19. Christian Caballero says:

    Android phone not detected…..

  20. RayRaysLady4Eva says:

    How do you screenshot?

  21. kejuan jaun says:

    CAN U DO zte score

  22. amazincajun318 says:

    @Juju507 send me msg. I have 1

  23. juju507 says:

    anyone have a boost mobile referral code? would use it twice[$50 credit to you] pm me–thanks

  24. JayFBGM says:

    im having trouble with the adb driver :/ its not working properly when i try rooting it says waiting for device and sources says its the adb what do i do?

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