How to Root the Droid X2 on android version 2.3.5 1.3.418

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  1. Tomsgt123 says:

    @Nicolas Nastoff just extra links incase one link is down

  2. Nicolas Nastoff says:

    Sorry for the dumb question.. but I’m not quite sure why there are 2 links for each item.. like there’s a Link to Root Tool but then theres a Link to Forum for Root Tool. Then there’s 2 Link to Motorola Drivers. Do I need all 4 downloads? Thanks!!

  3. Tomsgt123 says:

    @Skatkat13ap download the motorola drivers and run the file then plug in the phone to the computer. with the phone plugged it pulled down the notification bar and change the usb modes and in each mode the drivers will install. make sure usb debugging is on during this. now the drivers are installed

  4. Skatkat13ap says:

    ALRIGHT…I’m so frustrated. I’m not really sure where exactly I am going wrong…I wish you would’ve showed where and how you installed the drivers because I get messed up there and it messes up the whole thing for me…could you possibly explain the steps to getting the drivers again to me? Please?

  5. Justin Farrington says:

    Worked like a charm. Much thanks.

  6. Raghavendra G says:

    hi can u pls help me root my phone spice mi-352 it has 1ghz processor running 2.3.5 pls pls tried all root method but its not working pls help i beg u

  7. Dextroyex says:

    hey men thanks a lot it`s a very good video about root on droid x2 thanks i try this and i get root yeah!! xd

  8. rustytrombonerz says:

    Thank you so much for this. So easy!!! I moved to this from a Droid Incredible 1… missed all the apps that required root!!

  9. Tomsgt123 says:

    If you want to. I guess :-)

  10. SneakyLeif1020 says:

    Can I lick you?

  11. christurnage59 says:

    I dont know how to download the drivers and sbf updates

  12. christurnage59 says:

    Hey i need help

  13. Tomsgt123 says:

    @ljbew sorry no i havent. i only use it on Verizon

  14. ljbew says:

    Hey @Tomsgt123 have you ever unlocked this phone or know how to?

  15. 423BobBarker says:

    Worked 1000000% just like you said. You freaking ROCK!

  16. Tomsgt123 says:

    @min3craftlogics there is not way to back up device until it is rooted. you can copy your files over to your computer like pictures and stuff but thats it. nothing will go wrong either it will work or it wont

  17. min3craftlogics says:

    How do I back up the phone before I root in case of anything that goes wrong

  18. Tomsgt123 says:

    Smile yep

  19. djnmacias says:

    @Tomsgt123 ur beyond awsome

  20. Tomsgt123 says:

    Yes rootjunky is my page and you can comment on that page if you want to. be nice I just made it 2 days ago and it still has some bugs

  21. djnmacias says:

    @Tomsgt123 . still david nuno it just wouldnt let me coment cus i reached the limit..i sign in with a diff email..ok all this is in ur page?? im at work thats why i cant look ot up but i will most def..

  22. Tomsgt123 says:

    Yes you will cm1o alpha 2 and 4.1 gapps

  23. djnmacias says:

    @Tomsgt123 if i sbf to 2.3.4 will i be able to install cm10??

  24. Tomsgt123 says:

    @David Nuno eclipse is ginger bread but runs really good and is very cool on the dx2. check my rootjunky page.

  25. David Nuno says:

    @Tomsgt123 is eclipse like a jb rom? a noob..ive never done this flashobg rooting thing. this is my first time..

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