How to Softmod Nintendo Wii (ANY 4.3 Wii) Easy & Best Tutorial [HD]

23 Comments on "How to Softmod Nintendo Wii (ANY 4.3 Wii) Easy & Best Tutorial [HD]"

  1. oaks0089 says:

    does this allow for burnt games to be played?

  2. PurplJestrPanda says:

    freezes up at priiloader…..controller shuts off…..any help?

  3. Lil Teddy says:

    YAWMM Multimod Batch says
    Exception (DSI) occured!

    Stack Dump:

    Code Dump:

    Please Help.

  4. Charlie C says:

    Yes, I knew nothing of all this and i installed home brew first and now this, works great.

  5. GamerGuyForever1 says:

    YAWMM Multimod Batch says

    Exception (DSI) occured!
    Stack Dump:
    Code Dump:

  6. William Aponte says:

    it work great on my wii i even installed the dark theme and it looks great thanx a mill by far the best tutorial out there.

  7. WiseCrackthePegasus says:

    how come my wii controller turns off in priiloader ? I cant turn it back when its at priiloader

  8. jcressfamily says:

    This works with 4.3U wii system right?

  9. yamahalowrider says:

    Thought this was a easy mod..but aftr IOS236 install, Wad batch never installs..throws error.

  10. Xero874 says:


  11. Gurang boredvsfun says:

    where is description

  12. dectron3000 says:

    i have one question… what is this all for, I actually have no idea.

  13. jairtzinio says:

    i dont see wad manager? did i do something wrong?

  14. wtbkid says:

    So im not sure if someone put this on here yet but do we do anything to the Wii? Or nothing has to be done and just do what you have on here and that’s it? And will it mess up the wii? It’s my dad’s and he doesn’t want me to mess anything up so im just trying to confirm that this works and that nothing go wrongs.

  15. TheCodeman971 says:

    What is that? cuz im stuck as well

  16. Cevher Taha says:

    i’ve opened priiloader installer but it does not recognize my wii remote! my wii remote is flashing all the lights over and over! but my wii is not bricked. is there something wrong?

  17. SM U says:

    Where do I go to get the games??

  18. Gizze - Poo says:

    go on the last option

  19. Gizze - Poo says:

    Thx a lot bro … but the YAWMM multi mod is taking longer than 10mins for me ……….. is something wrong??

  20. Terrance Middleton says:

    this video is awesome thanks for it too appreciate people like you to have around

  21. Luka4499 says:

    So can i play burned games?

  22. 75birddawg says:

    cant do it from megaupload anymore they got raided

  23. SAKNUGGET says:

    Multimod installer doesnt work it says exeption (dsi) occured then numbers and stuff help!!

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