How to Temporary Boot Stock EL29 on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

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  1. Turnkeys42 says:

    :Hat Tip: Awesome as always! Thanks for the vid. This allowed me to fix the GPS issues with a new CM10.1 build.

  2. Douglas Sharp says:

    I actually do have a question. Will this work with CM10.1 and TWRP?

  3. Douglas Sharp says:

    Very cool. I remember being teased about my accent when I lived in California and now I get the same since I moved here to Portland haha. 

  4. qbking77 says:

    Awesome, I live in Elgin actually

  5. Douglas Sharp says:

    Chicago born and raised right here. Have family in South Elgin still.

  6. qbking77 says:

    And you are correct!

  7. Douglas Sharp says:

    This guy has to be from Chicago. I’d know that accent anywhere.

  8. Ghostrill says:

    Has anyone gotten this to work with AOKP milestone 6?

  9. Evan Dinelli says:

    I can’t get a gps lock while temp booted to el29 and I can’t even add my Google account

  10. Confucius0ne says:

    I’ve rebooted twice on CM10 and I am getting a GPS lock consistently. This works great, thanks QB.

  11. Kevin Cracolici says:

    Yeah I am running Slick ricks – thanks I think i am gonna give it a try – once i odin back and get gps lock and prl and then profile – can i just leave gps locked and restore from back up correct?

  12. ElPort23 says:

    are you on slickrick’s?

    you need all the files i just finished doing it. make sure you do your prl first because when you do the profile it will reboot in like 30 seconds

  13. Kevin Cracolici says:

    So i am running AOKP Jellybean 1.4 milestone – do i just need to mobil odin the el29 modem or do i need to have the eemc file as well – i thought that was only a ICS thing.

  14. bigguycraig says:

    Thanks, worked like a charm.

  15. jjgsonic14 says:

    Thank you. This works for people who use cm 10 jelly bean. I did have issues using some of the apps afterwards but after clearing from recovery and reinstalling the GS apps it is flawless. Thank you

  16. DjSydiuss says:

    So I’m running CM10 and GPS is kinda whack so I want to flash the temp EL29 to get a lock and go back. You said “Be sure to have the ROM zip file on your device”. Can I just make a Nandroid backup of my CM10, flash the temp EL29, then restore my nandroid? Thanks in advance!

  17. Rui Moretzsohn says:

    Hi, does this work with optimus black (LG-P970) ?

  18. Arslan Saeed says:


  19. Oliver McIrwin says:

    Now I see that there is a temporary boot for FF18 as listed here: [tinyurl com/9dvef7c] If I am on a new rom (Recalk FI03), what do I need to do? I assume I would need something more current that the EL29 directboot CWM, no?

    Any help is much appreciated.

  20. Dave Reily says:

    Oh, another thought… could I use this method to swap to a JB rom [CM10, AOSP, or PARANOIDANDROID]?

  21. Dave Reily says:

    I’m running Alpha 6 and want to update to Beta, could I use the same method, or would I have to do something different [should I re-flash the gapps as well]?

  22. lhwotton189 says:

    Brilliant! Worked. your videos are awesome.

  23. lhwotton189 says:

    i guess the guy below me just said he did it, so i will go ahead…

  24. lhwotton189 says:

    QBKing77 – I used Agat recovery to get to the Alpha 6 JB Rom yesterday. can i use this (CWM5) to get back to fix my gps and then directly back to the A6 JB rom (then gapps)? or do i need to use agat again?

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