How to transfer music files- HTC Thunderbolt ADR6400

25 Comments on "How to transfer music files- HTC Thunderbolt ADR6400"

  1. farhiya23 says:

    Thank u very much for posting this :D :D..u made my day :D . I been trying to figure out how to get music off my computer to my cell, now i can thanx to u :D :D .

  2. casino16 says:

    i fucking hate the htc device manager

  3. redkopite8 says:

    does this work on explorer?

  4. Fynx Clan says:

    Thanks for the great video, really helped me. :)

  5. Danurdara Indraswara says:

    thanks for the vid man

  6. verseauXDtrh says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! Helped me out a lot. Taking a road trip tomorrow and my ipod broke, need a way to have some tunes. Thanks again!

  7. NBFGrimReaper says:

    now can u do it on how to transfer a video u recorded on your phone to your pc?

  8. brandon milner says:

    the power thing at the top is not showing up, what do i do ???

  9. Dakota DaRoza says:

    Thank you so much for making this. I was reading allot online and nothing was working helped. This worked right away! Thanks again. :) 

  10. Sonicwalter1 says:

    Could you show us the same thing but on a HTC One V one day? i got one yesterday and i’m trying to transfer it without the sync manager but the music doesn’t show up on the phone afterwards. if you can show us, then that would be great

  11. CrystalSeth412 says:

    fuck ipods

  12. TheNuclearBird says:

    simple but great thanks! NEVER ANYBODY DOWLOAD SOMETHING FROM SOFTPEDIA…htc sync is on official site.

  13. shawnkempdunkz says:



  14. thepankdalphin says:

    I tried everything else except for disk drive… Thanks for the post buddy!

  15. Jack Thomas says:

    thanks for the video buddy, i was curious how to do this.. can’t believe i didn’t think orf something so simple..
    not to belittle you…
    Thank you

  16. leschobunvkm881 says:

    I can’t hold my Excitement!I win a iphone4 after clicking it!So easy! k1OE9

  17. AnimaSola3o4 says:

    I’m trying to transfer music from my htc evo to my computer, but when i go into the removable disk drive, only some of my music shows up? What’s going on?

  18. Trefoile says:

    This is very helpful. Thank you.

  19. halliehuff96 says:

    THANK YOU SOO SOO SOO MUCHH.i jsut got this phone and wasnt quite sure how to do thiss!!you rockk!thank youu

  20. vmaxdude2000 says:

    Hey, I have the exact same phone. I can transfer mp3s to the phone and play them but I can’t delete them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  21. inotio1 says:

    Thank you! I must be forever smart phone challenged because mine is surely much smarter than me. Your clear instruction was excellent. The important part to me was forgetting to change USB from “charge.” Shame on the 2 people who were negative. Your were perfect!

  22. gbeagle417 says:

    Man I hope its that easy iv been trying for like 20mins with no luck

  23. Robert Rouse says:

    when I drag the file with the album in it I get a red circle with a line through it. My env touch was sooo easy.

  24. TheNsalem says:

    Thanks I just got the thunderbolt HTC rocks!!!!!

  25. Rich S says:

    I was having this exact same issue. I shut down my TB, physically removed and reinstalled the SD card, fired it back up, and that solved it.

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