HOW TO UNLOCK SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 II (GT-9100, T989) – Unlocking Code Samsung Galaxy II i9100

25 Comments on "HOW TO UNLOCK SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 II (GT-9100, T989) – Unlocking Code Samsung Galaxy II i9100"

  1. cellunlockernet says:

    the sim card you can get from at&t

  2. recuerdos89 says:

    hey i have a galaxy s2 skyrocket lte i727 where can i get a sim card

  3. cellunlockernet says:

    yes we should have no issues unlocking that.

  4. MrMattyboy95 says:

    works on samsung galaxy gio gt 5660?

  5. cellunlockernet says:

    hi there when you insert a non accepted simcard does it prompt you to enter a code? if yes, what is the exact message that appears?

  6. James Brown says:

    Hi I am having major problems recieved code for my I9100 but wont let me unlock says network code error or something similar when I try steps two and three says not registered on network!!? and as for the checking if the phone is unlocked i put the code in and it does nothing, I put the code in and nothing press dial and it says the same thing!!

  7. cellunlockernet says:

    no, if your phone is barred, you will need to contact your service provider to remove the barred status

  8. ikram miah says:

    hey does this work to remove a ‘bar’ on phone to unbar it

  9. cellunlockernet says:

    Hi there it should work for straightalk, but it is always a good idea to check with them first if an unlocked S2 would be compatible on their network.

  10. Corey Westlund says:

    Would this work if im on straight talk? I have an extra unregistered sim card btw. Im also running the Samsung galaxy s2. Please respond. Appreciate it.

  11. cellunlockernet says:

    thank you so much for letting us know :)

  12. Neisha Feliciano says:

    This website is legit. Saved me a bunch of time unlocking my phone. I highly recommend them.

  13. cellunlockernet says:

    yes we can, just select the I9100, its the same model

  14. Nic Bouverie says:

    Can you unlock a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100M? Take note of the ‘M’ part. I took it to my local place and they could not do it…

  15. cellunlockernet says:

    100% Guaranteed, we are registered business

  16. Nic Bouverie says:

    is this website legit?

  17. cellunlockernet says:

    the only way is to insert a non accepted sim card and then enter the code

  18. sahashiminato4 says:

    is there a way to do it without removing sim card, i have trid , didnt work

  19. cellunlockernet says:

    sorry the verizon version cannot be unlocked as it is not a GSM carrier

  20. kingtymoney says:

    It’s the verizon version, so who else carries a mini 4g sim card

  21. cellunlockernet says:

    what network is your S2 from? and what network are you trying to use it on?

  22. Teni Yalcin says:

    hey I am having some problems with my s2! ıt’s already unlocked but it sais no service! what can I do any help?

  23. cellunlockernet says:

    are you sure it isn’t unlocked already? I would try another non accepted simcard

  24. Amir Samsair says:

    hi I am trying to unlock samsung s2, when I insert a non working sim, I dont get the unlocking screen.

  25. cellunlockernet says:

    So if your phone is originally from Rogers, then insert say a Fido, Telus or Bell simcard, this will prompt you to enter the code. After unlocking it, you can take it overseas.

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