How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3! [No Computer] [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon]

25 Comments on "How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3! [No Computer] [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon]"

  1. snatrprd34 says:

    can’t get Triangle away to work… Just says “checking SuperUser support” I actually paid for the app…

  2. techfanatic9 says:

    Enter into recovery mode, do a factory reset, and reboot your phone.

  3. dbpastor1 says:

    followed process and my phone is in a loop in recovery mode. I can get back in by going to download mode than restarting from there but why wont it work>

  4. domh32 says:

    thank you so much!!!!!!!

  5. techfanatic9 says:

    Glad it worked!

  6. supra2133 says:

    Worked for me.

  7. Knowledge151 says:

    Dude! Your fucking Awesome! It worked! Thanks so much!!!

  8. Knowledge151 says:

    So i’m on cyanogenmod 10.1 – Android 4.2.2, google now is cool but I want my gestures and s voice back. Fingers cross while I unroot, Hope it works

  9. WK L says:

    Great video, first time rooted my s3, I rooted with the wrong file, need to change or remove and install the correct file, Not install any ROM yet. need help. Thanks..

  10. YoungDynasty9193 says:

    yea it worked but now my phone wont do anything … smfh cant update . cant make calls . my messaging app keeps force closing i cant text unless i use a downloaded app . my phones messed up now and i did EXACTLY what you said .. so dont blame me .

  11. YoungDynasty9193 says:


  12. YoungDynasty9193 says:


  13. YoungDynasty9193 says:

    hope it works for me lol

  14. Ben Barker says:

    I started your tutorial and after it checks that the phone is good and wants to start downloading the operating system it got screwed up. (minute 4.28). It starts with Samsung Galaxy S 3, then you see the android guy and think its going to start then at the top it says Recovery Booting and it recycles that. Anything I can do. Took out the battery and its doing the same thing. Any held would be appreciated. Thanks

  15. ComputerKnowledge101 says:

    Can we not wipe all of the data and cache on the phone? What will happen if we don’t check those options in Mobile Odin?

  16. techfanatic9 says:

    Yes, Samsung Kies keeps everything organized.

  17. Grant Kaufman says:

    techfanatic9, what back-up proccess would you recomend in order to save your phone’s files. I am using Samsung Kies. Do you think that Samsung Kies is good?

  18. Khalifa Al Said says:

    I may be wrong but I thought if you go to Settings and then go to ‘About device’ and then go to ‘Status’, scroll down to ‘Device status’ at the bottom. If the Device Status says Normal you are unrooted. But like I said I maybe wrong.

  19. Khalifa Al Said says:

    I forget to mention my firmware is 4.1.2 I9300XXEMB1_I9300OXAEMB1_BTU but like I said it worked. Fantastic!

  20. Khalifa Al Said says:

    Excellent tutorial! However my i9300 S3 (international version) seemed to skip the boot recovery but the end result was my i9300 was totally unrooted! Thanx a lot!

  21. techfanatic9 says:

    Enter into recovery and do a factory reset, like shown in the video.

  22. patrick0923 says:

    Works great! followed steps successfully unrooted my phone and backed to stock! Awesome! Thank you!

  23. Oh Andy Anderson says:

    ok…i did as instructed for my verizon s3…im in a reboot loop…what should i do?

  24. Grant Kaufman says:

    Because my phone is rooted, I cant update to Jelly Bean. I always get notifications that the update is available, so if I backed up my stuff and allowed it to update to update would it work.
    Just wondering

  25. Aaron Inman says:

    Has anybody tried this on a VZW S3 running the latest 4.1.1 stock rom?

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