How to Use Cydia

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  1. brifcknanna says:

    nevermind fixed that

  2. brifcknanna says:

    i dont have nearly as many sections as you, why?

  3. TheCR04 says:

    thanks you explained everything!

  4. MrKye1997 says:

    i dont have all those sections is there a way to get them please help!!!!! thanks

  5. uniquebarbielove says:


  6. Katherine Lazo says:

    it’s kind of no actually, REALLY annoying that whenever I try to pause it tries to subscribe. I’m trying to follow along with you by pausing and it’s super difficult…

  7. MultiNewton10 says:


  8. Richard tang says:

    Is the highlighted blue free? Cuz wen I search for dreamboard it’s blue plz help and answer!!):

  9. Scott Vincent says:

    thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gloomy225 says:

    i have that too :/

  11. Jose Molina says:

    your a helmet

  12. Zac101Attack says:

    mine shows a price on cydia for all the items??? what do i do?

  13. fatlard97 says:

    i like your erithhhhp :)

  14. LizbethTV says:

    I Mean I Have The App

  15. LizbethTV says:

    Is This Free If You Change It ?I Hate The App But Im Not Sure If It’s Free ,

  16. jfdomega says:


  17. boosa147 says:

    thanks so much, you were a great help

  18. DerekKroNiik23 says:

    In Cydia non of that shit appear in my ipod I dont know why??

  19. BattleCousins says:

    HEEELP!!!! When i try to download something it might say that i need to buy it… I dont get it!

  20. TiMM423 says:

    hey could somebody help me when i search for an app only 1 or 2 show up can someone help so i can see alot more apps?

  21. Emre EREN says:

    My cydia doesnt open up..

  22. rktsnail says:

    How do i get free in app

  23. JerseySlugga85 says:

    fucking kids always scream in these vids lol

  24. Le04eva says:

    Why the fuck r u screaming

  25. Melchizedek Mensah says:


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