HTC HD2 (How to flash a Custom WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5 ROM)

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  1. Dave Ward says:

    hi There ive just purchased an HTC HD2 and the market place is now closed could you please help me with an idiots guide to getting android on the phone as all vids ive watched doesnt work.

  2. Dr Adil Ramzan says:

    thanks a lot. i have successfully flashed my phone.. i have no words to thank you.. Millions of thanks>>

  3. Clayton Sorensen says:

    dont forget to root, and use a custom recovery img

  4. itsbcookie says:

    could i do this with my lg incite? and how?

  5. mem5922 says:

    Great info. I was getting excited about flashing my HTC Pure, but after seeing the end result I think I’ll stick with my SPB Shell. Looks better and appears to be more flexible/versatile/powerful.

  6. Ronney Do says:

    How do i back up my phone? you said you could link it but i cant find it

  7. TOYMANproHD says:

    my spl is on 3 and how do i get to 1.42 becouse i think it is kind off the biggest thing in the video but know one tell me how but can you?

  8. hushbaby008 says:

    I got file system error (-529697949) when openning the energy rom file i download from above description.. please Help me

  9. nicksicknick123 says:

    Bro even though u have should me this video of how to flash the energy rom cant i just put it on to my phone( drag and drop) and start it there becuase i have never done anytrhing like this before bro, or if i mind can u send me a intructions to my email of how to install this rom plz. i have the HTC HD2 T-Mobile USA. im sorry if im asking to much.

  10. johantijerino says:

    hey brother am running windows vista and i can’t get the computer to recognize the phone i’ve been looking for the drivers, am not even able to open it as a drive from mi pc any advice ??

  11. MapleJokerRofl says:

    I got an error saying usb connect failed.

  12. ApostleCreed10 says:

    hi,just found a good one.

  13. ApostleCreed10 says:

    hi,i’m having error when executing the hpsl is says “Bad SPL version” can you help me out here.cheers.

  14. Naoufalitos24 says:

    will this work on HTC Touch HD

  15. xXWickedNiteXx says:

    HD2 is a great phone, can flash almost all OS like Android, WP7, etc. Wanna buy one.

  16. Brad hambrick says:

    Cool you have help me out much….. I can’t wait for the new rom week episode.. I have looked in to ouerclockin to 1.5 ghz but can not find much moor than that it can be dun.

  17. MobileTechVideos says:

    I still have it. Just pulled out the HD2 to start supporting it as well. Cappy will be around for a while don’t worry… ;)

  18. Brad hambrick says:

    Hey were is the captivate ;(

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