HTC Hero S Review

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  1. Wolfie Logan says:

    Is there an antisocial theme too?

  2. bosboz says:

    I got mine rooted for BOOST, message me if you need help too

  3. bosboz says:

    Phone is aesthetic as FUCK

  4. Liimiitsz123 says:

    But On Mine You Can Put A Sim Card In it, So How Does That Work Out?

  5. mobitureblog says:

    No this is a cdma phone

  6. Liimiitsz123 says:

    can you unlock this phone? plz reply to me asap!!

  7. 101megakiller says:

    Anyone know how to root it?

  8. mobitureblog says:

    U.S. Cellular

  9. Alexis W says:

    which phone carrier has this phone?

  10. miguelidcomm says:

    This phone has an excelent battery life.

  11. xpaintballxpr says:

    hero s or galaxy s showcase?

  12. DaHackman1 says:

    To capture screenshots, hold power button for a second while you press the ‘home’ button (furthest to the left). You should hear a ‘shutter’ sound. It will be saved to your pictures directory.

  13. Jessica Rodriguez says:

    I have noticed this phone has a screenshot saver I don’t know how i do it iv done it like 3 times help I would like to know how to use it…. Help please anyone

  14. DezzyObscene says:

    Can you change the font for text messages on this phone or the HTC 7 pro?

  15. Soulchick25 says:

    My text box fills my whole Msg screen How can I get it back like it was before

  16. Michael Earp says:

    Can anyone tell me how to move photo’s from the phone to my PC?

  17. mobitureblog says:

    I like the hero s

  18. candis1971 says:

    I cannot wait to get my phone!! Its on back order but should be in at anytime. I was thinking about ordering a different one, but I know this one will be worth the wait.

  19. MrCreativ1 says:

    Soyou say the phone overall is pretty snaappy as far as apps go? and regarding the pictures is the overall quality upheld when downloaded to a computer or some other device? and what’s the volume like in terms of the loudspeaker? Sorry its so much just really like this phone thanks in advance

  20. allisonreneeeee says:

    I just did the same!

  21. kylet8020 says:

    How does this phone compair to a epic galaxy s. I had the galaxy s and switching from sprint to us cellular. Is it as fast?

  22. mobitureblog says:

    Thanks for watching

  23. mobitureblog says:

    Thanks for watching

  24. simi06100 says:

    Picked up a Hero S for .01 online at US Cellular, will be my first “smart” phone…………thanks for the review.

  25. chaneyj24 says:

    Thanks for the review. Appreciate the feedback and honesty!

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