iPad Mini Smart Cover – Pros and Cons

23 Comments on "iPad Mini Smart Cover – Pros and Cons"

  1. icekillez says:

    *10 cents in material* WOW. not sure if sarcasm or just stupidity

  2. ArshRider says:

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  3. bloggeraldwin says:

    I also got the smart cover …… and I think the

    poetic ipad mini back cover

    is the best companion

  4. Carmouche Insurances says:

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  5. Phsycoipodhacker says:

    Get a screen protector+normal case+cheaper but better :)

  6. Trollmaster 909 says:

    I just bought a red Smart Cover from Walmart today. I gotta say it works great! It stays in place, I use it in every angle and it doesn’t fall apart esily. It’s a really good cover. You just gotta be easy on it. The only drawback obviously is the price. I paid $40 for mine which I thought was a bit much. But still. It’s a great accessory for my mini iPad :D

  7. guitarrakapo says:

    I’ll translate it for you:
    about it coming apart and having to fix it back you might possibly be the laziest person I have ever seen.

  8. Th3OmegaPoint says:

    Nah, you got a knock-off case.

  9. Richard Ahn says:

    because Apple is a business. not a charity. they gotta make a profit.

  10. 510685 says:

    I don’t understand why a case that cost 10 cents in material costs $50

  11. Austin Keck says:

    i got this case for $15.00 on amazon

  12. Emily Feit says:

    Smart covers are the best

  13. dannymorgan123 says:

    The official apple smart covers cost £2.76 to make in china

  14. Daniel Laverriere says:

    I clean my iPad with my Smart Cover hahaha

  15. KingofGUI says:

    You are actually folding the cover wrong to make it a stand for typing….. lay your iPad Mini down flat, open the cover, and lay out out flat next to your iPad. Grab the left edge and fold into a triangle so the microfiber is in the inside instead of the outside, then put fold the wjole triangle behind your iPad. It works perfectly.

    You wouldn’t want the microfiber part on the outside anyways….

  16. hemhan11 says:

    I just got my Smart Cover its brilliant I defo recommend it!

  17. legendzelda64 says:

    9 bucks on eBay. Don’t be stupid and spend $40 just because they are conveniently in the apple store

  18. Gabriel Nielsen says:

    I have it and just a little bite of advice before u buy it don’t buy it in white u will regret it I nearly got the white one Just because apple always shows the white one and then I thought since I have the white I iPad 4 I will get the mini in black I did not regret it

  19. liam gore says:

    ipad mini

  20. mrskadlec says:

    Ipad mini giveaway

  21. nidzhar63 says:


  22. irck123 says:

    I wa

  23. Celeste Crosbie says:

    I love the Smart Cover

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