iPhone 4 commercial

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  1. elmexicanochilango says:

    @Sally Large yes

  2. Sally Large says:

    Does the iPhone 4 have the notification bar that u drag from the top?

  3. Sam Ebenezer says:

    get owned uphone 5 mothafukers!!!!!!!

  4. officialwemelwebsite says:

    what about in the facetime part?

  5. sbryanlam says:

    pause at exactly 29

  6. Joseph Catalanotto says:

    The only thing bad about the iPhone is its size and IOS. But the iPhone 4 has the best design yet!

  7. XxUnknownTubexX says:

    Every year newer iPhones,
    Every year More technology.
    That’s iPhone

  8. MrHonwe says:

    How can a commercial be six minutes long? And what is what with that audio?

  9. TheChevychevelle1971 says:

    i miss those days when it wass all about the iphone…but now stinky driod had to come nd ruin it….good times with iphone

  10. Komisgirl79 says:

    They have had video calling in Japan for several years now. It’s still very popular there. Even back then, a lot of people were using it. Especially teenagers.

  11. pp2devane says:

    They exaggerate everything! Like “This changes everything” or “I was BLOWN WAY!” LOL but the iPhone is still the best phone

  12. canascot02 says:

    WE NEED 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. justinnv00 says:

    Atrix over iPhone;)

  14. justinnv00 says:

    Atrix over iPhone;)

  15. 999maclover says:

    So awesome!!!!!

  16. stonedstrangeboy says:

    video calling is something asian countries (including 3rd world) have had since early 2000′s. The funny thing is, nobody even used it. It worked over 3G too (which is a decade old in those countries as well).

  17. Luka G says:

    facetime = skype xD

  18. waterkeeper03 says:

    @Torbravside we already did STFU…. 2 GOD DAMN MONTHS AGO!!!!


  19. IDontFreekinHack says:

    iphone 4 ftw

  20. waterkeeper03 says:

    eloquent little basterd you are.. novels are easy to write when you have a real keyboard ;)
    you probably got homework to do anyway.. I’m off to run server naintenance from my G1.

    K, bye! Fag

  21. MrEnjoi63 says:

    You wanna stop spending your life defending the Droid and make your comments in sentences instead of mother fucking novels? THanks. Bye.

  22. waterkeeper03 says:

    I suddenly see the errors in my argument… I can’t seem to express myself monosylablically enough for you to comprehend. What’s the matter, no app for that??
    Ill try to use some smaller words for you in my upcoming sentence.

    How about I get you a bucket so you can wash my balls? Since your so gay for apple you should click on that vibrator app and shove it up yer ass, that’s multitasking at its best apple style!!!

  23. MrEnjoi63 says:

    thanks I will.


  24. waterkeeper03 says:

    you ignorant little sheeple… my battery outlast any iphone under processor use and I’m running a 1ghz. You can’t get your battery cover off because apple doesn’t want you accessing your hardware anymore than software.. that’s where I keep my expanded memory because my phone is upgradeable and also where my sim card goes because my phone is open for more than 1 network.

    Again: enjoy your iphone

  25. MrEnjoi63 says:

    again, the android’s battery sucks dick.

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