LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon]

23 Comments on "LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon]"

  1. lq4fcrx7 says:

    Does gps and all still work fine? I put cyanogenmod on my tbolt a while back and gps was off by miles. Haven’t tried it since lol

  2. Been Sen says:

    took forever to download, but finally got it.
    time to complete: 02:14:19
    Average Speed: 13.88 KB/sec

    I’ll post another comment once installed and tested

  3. whiteboygotswag says:

    Better battery life than cm10 m2?

  4. Callmelazy12 says:

    But this rom is still cm10 right bit with better features?

  5. Christian reyes says:

    ok i did this rom for verizon and it worked but for some reason my calls or txt work only data also none of the google services are installed including google play also home button does not work why is this?? i have the i535 model

  6. Zakir Savai says:

    Can you save pictures to ext SD card on this ROM. Please forgive me if this was a total idiot question

  7. AkTechKid says:

    My keyboard doesnt work on any Jelly Bean rom that i install. So i cant log in to my google account when the phone first starts up, cant search for anything in google play, or anything like that. Please help.

  8. Imaad Khatri says:

    does this rom support the multi window feature ?

  9. Bassam Itani says:

    Hey man, Great review, I totally flashed this ROM after this video review :) One thing I didnt like about it is the camera that has no anti shake feature. Or am I unable to find it? Thanks again for the review. Very fast beautiful rom.

  10. severebrutalized says:

    Anyone have problem with missing voice mail number and not receiving texts or calls on occasions? I’ve had that problem with CM10 M2 and this ROM. I have no idea what the problem is. When I unroot back to stock, the problems go away. Please help because I really don’t like TouchWiz after using CM10 and LiquidSmooth.

  11. TalhaR89 says:

    Will this work with Rogers I747m s3

  12. thecityboy781 says:

    can you change the blue “hue” or is it part of the ROM?

  13. William Le says:

    Thanks a lot for your help. I was able to run Liquid Smooth successfully. You instructed to uncheck the system apps (apk) in preferences for titanium backup before I back it up. Does that mean when I restore I can restore everything to be more specific restore apps and system data? If not how do I restore without messing it up? Also do I need samsung kies?

  14. BajaSur2011 says:

    Am I crazy or is jellywiz RLS12 the best ROM yet??

  15. zyos272303 says:

    This ROM is no good , the video player keeps crashing after a few sec of playing a video. . .

  16. aNotoriousPhD says:

    When I’m downloading apps with wifi it’s significantly slower than with my network. Any suggests as to what I should do to fix this?

  17. Sal Chand says:

    is there quick reply on this rom or is that only aokp?

  18. elp2500HD21 says:

    I followed your exact steps on my AT&T S3 and I lost 4g, everything else worked flawlessly, but 4g would not work. I got 3G, H, H+… but no 4g… any ideas?

  19. galaxys3root says:

    TWRP works with any ROM.

  20. theburningred01 says:

    Do you know if TWRP recovery works with this rom? Tks

  21. MriBackup says:

    It takes one picture after the other and takes a while, is this normal?

  22. Luis Salgado says:

    the quality on the camera isnt aS good as the original

  23. galaxys3root says:

    M2 does yes.

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