Make an Emergency Phone Charger – MacGyver Style!

24 Comments on "Make an Emergency Phone Charger – MacGyver Style!"

  1. maon5 says:

    i like your videos man you are creative

  2. omelyfasol says:

    It’s really useful and I hope never have to do that way ! But who’s knows ? With the inevitable quake that will rock Southern California very frequent, probably one day I would have to do, let’s face it ! Thank you for sharing — Domino

  3. HiddenTreasures75 says:

    If you have 2 cordless drills, you could attach one to the other via the chuck’s and run it in reverse. You have some awesome vids! I sub’d you.

  4. Igor Alessio says:

    It’s a nice ideia to get something to block the voltage to 5v (for not damaging the battery) and maybe atach this this to a bike, it’s easier to get a continuos charge this way.

  5. darynowns1 says:

    Amazing Stuff, very well explained and great idea. will come in handy sometime when in a pinch

  6. Ahmad Abdel-Aziz says:

    That was a great video!
    Very useful.
    Very educational.
    Thank you.

  7. Romain Bloon says:

    Awesome job, like always. I’m really fan.
    Why not making a home made vertical axes wind turbine with the magnet ring you found into the macrowave as a support for the rotative axe and some plastic bottle as blade. A few tutorial exist already but they don’t have your style !!! Thanks for teaching us those great things

  8. cutieboy101568 says:

    wuts the 4th project in ur intro, the 1 with purple electricity and the screws?

  9. UninexusInc says:

    Looks good ! There is so much trash on youtube. It’s refreshing to see something useful.

  10. Abe Froman says:

    Is it just you producing these videos? Well done. The experiment, video production, all of it.

  11. chipk77 says:

    This is cool. Possibly stupid question, though. Why would there be more mechanical resistance when charging the battery as opposed to the phone? Or did I misunderstand that part?

  12. joel bayot says:

    Now if I could money in a pinch…

  13. Vaas Montenegro says:

    nice job hermano

  14. rh031a says:

    This is great!! I wonder how hard it would be (or if it is even possible) to convert it into a wind turbine; understanding some circuitry would be required to prevent too many volts (during wind gusts) from damaging whatever you are charging.

  15. ligius3 says:

    Just a note, don’t EVER cut the charger cable while it is still connected to your phone or charger. I’m surprised you got away in the video, but on a lot of phones it will short circuit the battery and then the whole project would become useless.
    There are some other things that are dangerous in the video, but for an emergency situation it doesn’t matter.

  16. romoburro says:

    2013 febrero c13 rifa rip gato

  17. thenerdling1 says:

    i did it a tiny bit, it was enough to finish unscrewing a screw, and it was a smalish drill so no big battery

  18. bigalphamale says:

    nice post..and could come in handy camping or in case of emergency/disaster… and who doesnt have an old “dead” NiCad battery style drill in their garage collecting dust… I happen to have the same drill that you used…!

  19. kayanipower says:

    Man you are really genius..

  20. Grant Thompson says:

    Do you have really big muscles?

  21. thenerdling1 says:

    you can charge the drill that way too, ive done it!

  22. Grant Thompson says:


  23. Grant Thompson says:

    Welcome on board!! :)

  24. Brandon Monsanto says:

    thats reall

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