Minecraft Tekkit Greifing Client 3.1.2

25 Comments on "Minecraft Tekkit Greifing Client 3.1.2"

  1. Jack Berry says:

    doesn’t work

  2. TheSonyboy98 says:

    It does

  3. TheSonyboy98 says:


  4. MrCoolcrazy21 says:

    i just got griefed and hurt and stolen from by some admins lets get some pay back

  5. aaron4024 says:

    You are supposed to put the hacked radar over you’re radar

  6. satanicsteve101 says:

    go hack on mc.escmc.us on tekkit

  7. 9MaStErDk6 says:

    does it work for 3.1.3??

  8. roboaedin55 says:

    In your AppData’s roaming area. Under .techniclauncher, go to ‘tekkit’ and in your ‘bin’ folder there. It’s the ‘modpack’ jar file, not the ‘minecraft’ one.

  9. cptminecraft2 says:

    should have used V for speed mine

  10. jacky lau says:

    which file u put the hacks in ?

  11. Marius Simonsen says:

    i haw this hack client

  12. ryanzwe says:

    how to make it xray only diamonds

  13. edson2766 says:


  14. TheBuildingSquad says:

    Need help it just gives me a white screen and it won’t go away

  15. Fagaen Homs says:

    I need help installing :(

  16. brandon kavoulakis says:

    why doesnt my oil derrick speed mine actually speed mine?

  17. DragonSlayerGAMERS says:

    Nice Gaz!

  18. GoDz Clan says:

    Me Gusta :)

  19. gegyeggy B says:


  20. jkjmnb says:

    but the rings cost alot like 4 stacks of diamonds

  21. GLGAMERS says:

    Ahhh then that’s cool, it also explains why my mate flew up to sky and fell down with nocheat on without being noticed xD

  22. jkjmnb says:

    u dont get ban because you can fly with rings and run rely fast

  23. GLGAMERS says:

    Thanks :D 

  24. itsCroft says:

    :O gaz killed a cat

  25. GoDz Clan says:

    Nice :D 

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